Can Baby’s Days really stop paying customers from emailing them?

It appears that they can, read on for more…

So, my co-minder owned the system that I used, but she emailed babysdays to let them know it was ok to correspond with me on my personal email address on the 2nd April 2014.

We exchanged a number of emails over a period of 6 months before suddenly I realised that I couldn’t email them any more from my personal email address, this occurred shortly after I informed them about the problem I was having with next steps which you can find out about in this blog post.

It seems, although I can not say for 100% certain that there is some way for Baby’s Days to block your email address, have a look at the video and decide for yourself.  I have uploaded this video to talk you through it and how to spot if it has happened to you.

So please bare this in mind when you contact them.

Youtube Video Here

Do Baby’s Days blackmail its customers?

So as you may have gathered by now, today at 3.46pm, approximatel 10 minutes after my first blog post here, my account with Baby’s Days was “terminated” by Baby’s Days.  They say it was terminated because I breached their T&Cs.  Here is what they said:

We obviously exchanged emails back and forth, me saying I had not breached the T&Cs as the first post (and no others to date!) are libel/defamation and that if I did start a blog it would be very factual and evidenced.  Anyway, this is what Baby’s Days ultimately said:

Obviously I added in the highlight so you can read the most relevant part.  So what they are saying is, if I remove myself from all facebook groups, if I delete all my comments on facebook and other review sites and if I take this blog down they will give me back my system.  A system that I have paid over £500 towards over the last 3.5 year and a system that I have not breached the T&Cs of because no part of this blog (to date) and no comments I have made contain any libellous / defamatory comments.  Just facts and evidence to support them.
I have always said (and still believe) that Baby’s Days is a brilliant beautiful package and is incredible at what it does. However, I have also said the customer service on the official support channels ( could SOMETIMES be abrupt and unhelpful.  This is not libel / defamation.

So you make your own mind up; does Baby’s Days blackmail it’s customers? 

My response to Baby’s Days can be found below for those interested, I guess you could say I’m blackmailing them.  I call a spade a spade, what more can I say?

Please note the text crossed out in the pictures above are the name of another lady.  Baby’s Days have refused to update her package, as they did to mine.  I do not want to name this lady here for legal reason but I do not work with her and she is not associated with me in any capacity.  Also note that I am a co childminder and the Baby’s Days system I use was in the name of my co minder, not me, I am an admin on her system.  More on both of these tomorrow.

Are there “bugs” in Baby’s Days?

One time I found what I believe to be a flaw in the coding of a certain page on babysdays.  I’m not a computer expert, so I do not know if this was actually a bug in the code, and to make it very clear, this was a small bug and did not affect the securty of my data etc.  I simply couldn’t get a next step to delete from one part of the system.  Trivial really.

There are bugs in lots of things and as Babaysdays is updated regularly you would expect there to be a few more teeny weeny bugs in comparison to other sites.  The question really shouldn’t be “are there bugs in Baby’s Days?”, but rather, “If I find a bug, how do I report it, how will I be treated and will it be fixed?”

As I say, I’m no computer whizz and so when I had a problem which I believed to be a bug (on a non beta system) I contacted support to see what advice they could offer and here is what happened.

 Below is a screen shot of the conversation.

As you can see between the 1.10.2014 and the 03.10.2014 Babysdays did not reply to me, but the issue went away, without my changing my browser/internet provider/password/java/adbode etc etc.  I am unsure if it was a bug as I never heard back, but I was thankful that it was working again.  If support did “fix” anything one good thing is that they did fix it pretty quickly!

Maybe if there are any developers reading this they can let me know if it was a bug?

How this blog came to be.

Who are Baby’s Days?

Baby’s Day is a subscription service that is designed and developed to assist childminders and nurseries with the forms and paperwork involved around all areas of the EYFS. the service costs me £10 a month plus VAT.  All users of the service pay the same amount, either monthly, or yearly.

Right got it; What have they done?

On the 18th November, Baby’s Days released “one of the biggest releases ever to take place on the system”.  The update is a new feature called the Control Centre is “the main central hub on the system detailing everything that is happening on the system in real time.”

Sadly my system did not receive this update because, “the director of the company has the overall decision as to which systems do and do not get updates” and sadly, “there is no assurance or guarantee that Baby’s Days will release any available Upgrades to Your Subscription Service during any Term period.”  As I have dared to mention that I find Baby’s Days support rude and abrupt – I obviously am being penalised for this.

Why don’t you just leave?

I have been a user of Baby’s Days sine May 2011, so 3.5 years.  I have always found the system itself to be a brilliant concept and there is no argument that is has cut down on my paperwork time.  The service is used by the parents and they all really enjoy the interaction.  I can not simply remove the service from them as I would appear to be unprofessional, taking away a service that my parents enjoy using. 

What I didn’t envisage when I joined the system was that Baby’s Day would treat some of it’s customers so adversely and this blog will become a place to air these negative experiences, in a factual and documented manner.  In all honesty I sincerely wish I had never become involved with the company, but now I have to make the best of a bad situation.

So what are you going to do?

This aim of this blog is to help new customers make an informed and rounded decision on whether they want to become involved with Baby’s Day.  Baby’s Day have a term in their T&Cs which makes it almost impossible for users of their service to document any negative opinions on the internet.  As such the feedback from current customers may be heavily censored for fearing of having their systems suspended as per the T&Cs. 

As my system is on it’s way to becoming obsolete (because they refuse to update it) I currently have nothing to lose by voicing my negative experiences with the company.  To make a rounded decision obviously you should read some of the good reviews too, a good place to start is Here and Here.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating this blog with different users experience and dealings with Baby’s Days.  All accounts will be factual and will contain documentation to provide rationale for the customers feelings.  I certainly would not want to be seen as conveying libellous statements.

Update made 01.12.14 @ 2.30pm

Approximately 10 minutes after I created this post on the blog, Baby’s Days terminated my co-minders accounts, I was an authorised user on her account. So, to clarify, they terminated her account for my first post on this blog.  You can read more about that here.