More info on T&Cs Changes.

So as mentioned on another post, Baby’s Days specifically introduced a new clause to their T&Cs.  This new term came into effect the day after I mentioned, in a Facebook group, that I was thinking of setting up a factual blog detailing my dealings with the company.  I even emailed Baby’s Days about this blog when they sent me part of the new T&Cs and assured them they had no reason to worry about Libel/Defmaation as I would be blogging factually about our interactions.

Anyway, a few people have contacted me by email and facebook worried about the new terms and conditions and have asked if I can find out what other changes they have made in the Nov 2014 edition of the T&Cs.

Baby’s Days don’t provide previous T&Cs to their customers, but I was able to find a cached google page from their website, which had the old Terms and Conditions from Sep 2014 published.  So I have now been able to compare the Sep 2014 T&Cs with the Nov 2014 T&Cs and they make for interesting reading!

The main changes are as follows:

Your agreement is no longer with Baby’s Days, but with a company called Sys IQ Ltd.

I Have no idea why they would have changed the name of the company your agreement is with? I have no idea what, if anything, this means for your data, if it has been moved / shared bwteen 2 companies?  It isn’t very clear to me.  Sys IQ Ltd appointment Mr Mark Kahl (the guy that owns Baby’s Days) as a new board member on the 22.02.2013, so quite a while ago source.  If anyone has any idea why this change may have occurred please leave or comment or message me on Facebook.  It might take me a while to respond but I will get back you.
They have added a clause that lets them, “amend, remove or vary”…”any section of the Subscription Service, any Content on the Subscription Service, or any service offered on the Subscription Service at any time and without notice”.

This now obviously means they can pretty much do anything they want to your system at any time they fancy and without informing you that they are doing this. 

The old terms and conditions said they do not, “monitor or police communications or data transmitted through the subscriptions service.” This clause has been removed entirely.

Doe this now mean they DO monitor or police communications or data transmitted through the subscriptions service?  It’s not really clear.

There are lots of other claims made in the terms and conditions which many users may not know about, so I have compiled a PDF to this post for those of you that are interested, you can view it here.  Where you see words crossed out, they are no longer in the agreement, where you seen yellow highlighted text, this is new information added to the T&Cs in November.  Any red text is my commentary on the T&Cs.

It would be great to hear about what others think of these T&Cs?


Are there “bugs” in Baby’s Days?

One time I found what I believe to be a flaw in the coding of a certain page on babysdays.  I’m not a computer expert, so I do not know if this was actually a bug in the code, and to make it very clear, this was a small bug and did not affect the securty of my data etc.  I simply couldn’t get a next step to delete from one part of the system.  Trivial really.

There are bugs in lots of things and as Babaysdays is updated regularly you would expect there to be a few more teeny weeny bugs in comparison to other sites.  The question really shouldn’t be “are there bugs in Baby’s Days?”, but rather, “If I find a bug, how do I report it, how will I be treated and will it be fixed?”

As I say, I’m no computer whizz and so when I had a problem which I believed to be a bug (on a non beta system) I contacted support to see what advice they could offer and here is what happened.

 Below is a screen shot of the conversation.

As you can see between the 1.10.2014 and the 03.10.2014 Babysdays did not reply to me, but the issue went away, without my changing my browser/internet provider/password/java/adbode etc etc.  I am unsure if it was a bug as I never heard back, but I was thankful that it was working again.  If support did “fix” anything one good thing is that they did fix it pretty quickly!

Maybe if there are any developers reading this they can let me know if it was a bug?