People ask me: Have Baby’s Days contacted you?

Morning folks! Just a very quick pre work post from me to clarify something that’s been asked a lot by readers.

Have Baby’s Days been in contact regarding the blog?

No, the last email I have received from them was at 8:35pm Friday saying they would give me back the system if I took down my blog and removed my comments from Facebook and removed myself from any groups on Facebook that they considered to be inappropriate.
They have not contacted me since regarding this blog and have not asked me to stop posting here or brought any legal issues before me.  
As soon as this situation changes I will update you all.  To save you checking back, don’t forget to pop your email the the bar at the top of this page to be notified via email of any changes.
Baby’s Days will not know you have done this :). Have a fab Monday with your mindees!

Do Babysdays share/sell our Information to/with other parties?

Over this course of the last 24 hours, this blog has gone insane and I’ve had a lot of messages on Facebook and a handful on this blog.  One thing that crops up a lot is, “Do Baby’s Days share or sell data to other companies or parties”?

At the moment, as it stands the blog has only been live for just over 2 days and I simply haven’t had the time to look into every issue that people have messaged me about and this one in particular will take a few weeks to clarify.

What I can say on this subject at this point in time is that Baby’s Days recently changed their T&Cs; your agreement is no longer with Baby’s Days but with a company called Sys IQ Ltd, Mr Mark Kahl is the director of SYS IQ Ltd and he is the same person responsible for the launch of Baby’s Days.

Also Babysdays will give you information to third parties if you do not pay them any money they consider to be “owed”.

I have put a freedom of information request in with the Information Commissioner’s Office and will be calling them later in the week and updating the blog in due course if the ICO has had any dealings with them.  But as it stands now, I can not answer the question, “Do Babysdays share/sell our Information to/with other parties?” as thouroughly as I would like.

What I can say is, they share your information with:

  • Third parties to recover debts
  • Sys IQ Ltd and it’s licensors
  • Possible agents or subcontractors 

If there is anything further I will of course post here about it. Please add your email to the subscribe bar at the top of this page if you would like to stay updated.