Is any Server 100% Secure.

On its website Baby’s Days claim:
“your data is 100% secure”, Source.  

In this blog post which will be updated over the week I will look at this claim more closely.  Please note, this post does not mean Baby’s Days isn’t secure.  I assure all users of it’s services that may be reading this that in my opinion, based on the information they have provided on their website, they couldn’t make it any more secure.  

But this post will explore the claim that it is “100% secure”. 


So, is anything 100% secure?  The short answer to this is no, “nothing is 100% secure and anyone who guarantees 100% security is making a promise they cannot even keep.” Source

It is my understating that no stored data (both online and offline) could ever be considered to be 100% secure because there are too many variables that the owner of the data can not control.  For example someone could be dedicated to hacking into the system, there could be an exploitation in the code that the developer was not aware of, the data centre could fall into a hole that magically opened up in the ground.  All extremely unlikely variables, but variables none the less.

I have reported Baby’s Days to the Advertising Standards Authority Link today so that they can review this claim (and also the claim about how fantastic they are at updating systems) and if they agree that this is false advertising I believe that Baby’s Days will have to stop making this claim.  I will update you as to how this progresses over the next couple of weeks.

Does this mean Baby’s Days is unsafe?
No, not at all.  They are doing as much as they can to ensure your data is safe, just like many other similar companies.  Thousands of businesses run with set ups similar to what they appear to have, the point here is that they’re not doing anything special here at all, despite what their website might lead you to believe.  Then, on the other side of the coin, thousands use less security and that is adequate too.

I will be posting more about Baby’s Days website security claims tomorrow, including the one that says,

“[the] system is backed up EVERY day at two separate geographical locations in the UK, including all the data and photographs that have been uploaded to their system.Source 

I will be looking at where these two separate geographical locations are, we know one is the data centre, but I have not read anything about the security of the second location on the Baby’s Days website.  I have contacted Baby’s Day for their comment on the 100% claim but they have declined to comment and referred me to their solicitors.

It would be interesting to see if any blog readers know about these two locations?  Please comment below or message me and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog by putting your email in at the top of this page to be alerted when a new post is added.