Babys Days: The reviews they don’t want you to see.

So, it seems that current customers of Baby’s Days have been told that I am a customer with a grudge and that everyone else in the world thinks Babys Days is awesome.  Just to remind everyone this blog is here because Baby’s Days refused to update my fully paid up system, when I questioned this and tried to make others aware their updates could be restricted my account was terminated.

I was a happy user plodding along for almost 4 years without a care in the world, and then this happens.  It’s arguably only a matter of time before these customers who currently see me as some sort of hysterical grudge holding loon, find themselves in the same position as me.

I thought it would be helpful to collate some other users views of Baby’s Days.  It seems most negative reviews are removed under threat of libel action but if you look you will find them and you will also find posts by Babys Days that demonstrate their true attitude.

I am hoping that these reviews will demonstrate to current customers that my concerns are rational and shared by others; not just a byproduct of holding a “grudge”.  As ever, all I ask is for customers to please back up their data so that they will be safe if Baby’s Days pull the rug from underneath them.

Tomorrow I am going to be blogging about the Data Centre that Baby’s Days uses, so pop back for a nosey.

Baby’s Days and The Ukraine!?

So you might be wondering what Baby’s Days has got to do with the Ukraine?  Given that their team is “in house” and that they have a UK data centre you’ve probably assumed that everything is based here in the UK.

I was a user of Baby’s Days for 3.5 years and assumed that it was Mark that did all the coding (as he set it up initially for his wife) and then more recently Jeff joined the team part time as a kind of database administrator.  To my recollection I’ve never actually been told this, it’s more implied from the website wording and facebook posts etc.  Others might have interpreted things differently too, let me know in the comments section.  So to my mind, “in house” always meant either Mark or Jeff.
But recently I have realised that Baby’s Days has at least one employee based in The Ukraine. I did wonder if maybe the Gentleman was just from the Ukraine, but his Facebook accounts says he lives in the Ukraine.  Most companies use contractors so I don’t find this odd but the fact that Baby’s Days have failed to mention this employee does seem very misleading to me.

As I’ve said elsewhere on the blog, I’m not very technically minded so I am unsure how much, if any, of your data this gentleman has access to, if he can view or download photos etc.  When you login to your system you give permission  to be, “monitored and recorded by on-site system personnel.”  I am also unsure if this gentleman would have the ability to monitor and record you system use or if he is classed as “on site system personnel”.  These are questions I had hoped to ask Baby’s Days but they did not get back to me with a comment sadly.

I have asked Baby’s Days to comment on this information and they declined to do so.  As such this post is based on all information available at the time.  If new information comes to light, I will obviously update this post so that it remains as factual as the others on this blog.  There is of course the very small chance this man has a made up Linkedin and Facebook account and he doesn’t work for Baby’s Days at all.

The Official Baby’s Days Support Group.

I‘ve posted on this blog previously about how Kel Thomas isn’t employed by babysdays.  Kel Thomas and Baby’s Days are both adamant that they are two separate entities.
This begs the question of why the support group is called the “official” support group, “supported and approved by Baby’s Days”.  I don’t understand how they can be unrelated when using wording such as this? 
Surely you’re either “supported and approved” by Baby’s Days or you’re not? I can’t understand how you can be both at the same time? “Supported and approved” but “completely separate”? 
The reason this is so important is because Baby’s Days direct new and potential customers to the support group and they use it as a means of advertising their service.  Which is completely understandable.  But the reason why this support group features on this blog is because it is incredibly censored and biased in favour of the product, this wouldn’t normally happen and companies should be happy to show negative and positive reviews/comments.  
As it stands, it’s my opinion that the way Baby’s Days uses the support group presents an unfair and misleading viewpoint for new customers.  They do not get to see any of the technical difficulties that users may be experiencing as post like that are simply deleted.  Only mundane, “how do I do x” questions are answered, very quickly, by Kel Thomas.
So long as they can advertise in this slanted manner they have no need to change the way they talk to and treat their current customers.  This blog is about trying to to get my data back and also about making the company accountable for their treatment of customers or at least making customers aware that their account could be terminated if they don’t, ‘keep in line’ so to speak.
If you think I’m being a bit silly and you feel Baby’s Days talks to its customers just fine, please read the below post taken from the support group just over a year ago.  This is when I first started to question the ethics of this company and became more aware of how heavily posts were censored.  This post was later removed from the group, presumably by Kel Thonas as she was the only admin at the time.

I would love to hear some thoughts about this in the comments below, don’t forget you can post Anon.

Pop back tomorrow where I will be blogging about Baby’s Days connection with the Ukraine!

DISCLAIMER: Since Jan 1st 2015 the previously mentioned, “Official” support group endorsed by Baby’s Day was re-branded and no longer contains the word “official” and seemingly is no longer endorsed by Baby’s Days.  At the time of writing this blog post the details within were 100% accurate.