Do Baby’s Days provide training to Ofsted inspectors?

So I haven’t heard from Baby’s Days legal team so the blog will continue as normal, which is a shame as I was hoping to have this issue resolved by now.  But for those of you loving the blog and worried about your data should the blog come down, then here is the latest piece!

In May, Baby’s Days claimed that they were providing training to Ofsted inspectors.  Here’s what they said:

I’ve been in touch with Ofsted to clarify a few issues:

  1. Do Prospect/ Ofsted endorse the use of Baby’s Days in settings?
  2. Did Ofsted ask Baby’s Days to train their inspectors?
  3. Have Ofsted specifically sent their inspectors on training?
  4. Have Ofsted specifically sent their inspectors on training for other EYFS software ?

In short the answers provided by Ofsted are:

  1. Prospects / Ofsted do not endorse any Software packages, they are a regulatory body, issues outside of that fall beyond their legal remit.
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No

So this begs the question as to why Baby’s Days firmly believe they have been training Ofsted inspectors?   A number of people questioned this on The Official Support Group but they have been banned from the group so I can not contact them to ask if they determined a reason for Baby’s Days believing this to be true unfortunately.

Could it be a marketing ploy to lead customers to believe that because Ofsted are well versed in how Baby’s Days works that means the childminder is more likely to receive Outstanding?  I am unsure but if anyone know the answer or has any thoughts please pop them in the comments section below.

Pop back tomorrow evening to read the latest blog post.  I’ll be providing details of other EYFS software companies and how they compare with what Bay’s Days offer.