Do Baby’s Days pay people to “like” them?

So as you can imagine this weekend has been so busy! We moved house, had a dinner party for 10 people and then the usual Christmas bits like visiting Santa and shopping and wrapping etc and it’s my birthday tomorrow too!  Hectic, to say the least!
The data centre post will be quite time consuming so I have decided to blog about a different (quicker to type) issue this evening.
When I was looking into the posts made by MAKUK on the freelancer website I came across some that seemed to suggest that you can contract people to get you a certain amount of facebook “likes”.  I even saw from other posts that you can contract people to ask questions about your product in certain groups as a  form of advertising!
If this doesn’t make much sense to you have a look at this:

So it looks like user MAKUK which I have speculated could be an acronym for the initials of the director at Baby’s Days/Sys Iq Ltd, is contracting people to gernerate facebook “likes”. 

The post was from the end of December 2011, and given that Baby’s Days claim to be the most popular provider out there, it makes me wonder why they may potentially be paying contractors to provide them with facebook “likes”?  Surely they have enough legitimate fans and do not need to create a smokescreen by over inflating their number of likes?

When companies do things like this like this you also have to question whether members of their Official Support Groups are also real and if all the posts about them are made by actual customers rather than contractors posing as delighted customers.

Nothing is ever as it seems unfortunately.

Pop back tomorrow for a short blog post about my ongoing complaint that I have raised through the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding Baby’s Days and then on the 24th I will blog about the data centre.  Blog posts will be sporadic over Christmas so make sure you subscribe to be kept up to date.

Have a fab Christmas everyone!

Baby’s Days Free alternatives

Hey blog readers! I just wanted to give you all a quick update RE the blog.  

I still have loads of material to post up but my son isn’t very well again :( so I’m just going to be posting really quick blog posts until he is better.  
The aim of these short blog posts is to demonstrate that Baby’s Days are not always 100% accurate in their claims of what their system can do and neither are they accurate about their competitors.  Users of this system and potentiomsm customers really need to be made aware of the tactics employed by this company and should not believe everything they print or claim!
So first up, Baby’s Days claim that systems that are free show over 18 adverts; Baby’s Days ask, “is this the sort of thing you want your parents to see?”.

Anyone considering joining a free EYFS software provider should absolutely ignore the claim by Babys Days as I have found ZERO evidence that there is even a grain of truth to it.  All software providers have full control over the adverts they display.

I had a quick look on some Facebook groups to demonstrate this.  Here is a post by the director of Mega Minder.

As baby’s Days is such a good product I am bewildered as to why the director there would chose to market his product in this manner?  Why make false accusations about other products when you could just as easily spread a more positive message about your own product!?

It says a lot about the way Baby’s Days operate to me.  

Pop back tomorrow when I will be revealing more false claims made against free EYFS software providers by Baby’s Days.