Babys Days Support Group

It’s just gone midnight now and as I only have time to blog in the evenings I am finding it slow going to get through the messages and blog requests that everyone has sent, I promise I will get back to you all and where I am legally able, I will blog about your concern.

I am actually going to post a non requested blog post today concerning Baby’s Days Official Support Group run by Kel Thomas.  I don’t rally want to post too much about this group because although they are affiliated with Baby’s Days and do censor posts which is important for others to be ware of, they ultimately were not responsible for Baby’s Days terminating my account for no valid legal reason.

Anyway Kel Thomas posted a very long post in her support group, which is grossly exaggerated and innacurate so I wanted to clarify her comment here.  Below is a screen shot (that several readers of he blog sent me) of the post Kel made and I have annotated her post post to highlight the inaccuracies.

Even though Kel has posted about me in this nature I do not want to make this a personal issue and do not want readers of this blog leaving personal comments about Kel in the comments.  Any such comments will not be published I am afraid.