Have Baby’s Days threatened your account previous to this?

Yes they have.  As detailed elsewhere on the blog, I emailed Baby’s Days Support asking if they employed Kel Thomas to run their Official Support Group.  This is all detailed on this blog post if you would like to have a quick look.

Anyway, because initially Baby’s Days did not give me a clear cut answer regarding this, I asked the same question in a Facebook Group – this was before the new terms and conditions came into force.

Within an hour of posting the question on Facebook we received an email from support asking why I felt it necessary to post such questions on Facebook and also asking why I had posted Baby’s Days (vague) reponse on Facebook.

Anyway, we ignored this question because really it’s nothing to do with Baby’s Days what I post on Facebook so long as it isn’t libellous.  Here is what followed:

So if you are reading this blog and thinking anything like, “this is her own silly fault for starting this blog”.  Please, think again. 

The account was first threatened almost 2 weeks before the blog started.  After this threat the system did not receive the Control Centre update.  I believe the reason the system update was refused was:

  1. Because I posted in the support group asking people to test for a possible bug &
  2. Because I asked the question about Kel Thomas being employed Baby’s Days and posted supports response in a closed Facebook Group.

So please, open your eyes to the practices of this company.  I am not asking any of you to leave, just be aware of how they operate. Please back up your work, so that when you have an original thought or idea that might conflict with the ‘powers that be’, you will not feel threatened by the loss of your system.