Can Baby’s Days really stop paying customers from emailing them?

It appears that they can, read on for more…

So, my co-minder owned the system that I used, but she emailed babysdays to let them know it was ok to correspond with me on my personal email address on the 2nd April 2014.

We exchanged a number of emails over a period of 6 months before suddenly I realised that I couldn’t email them any more from my personal email address, this occurred shortly after I informed them about the problem I was having with next steps which you can find out about in this blog post.

It seems, although I can not say for 100% certain that there is some way for Baby’s Days to block your email address, have a look at the video and decide for yourself.  I have uploaded this video to talk you through it and how to spot if it has happened to you.

So please bare this in mind when you contact them.

Youtube Video Here