Do Baby’s Days blackmail its customers?

So as you may have gathered by now, today at 3.46pm, approximatel 10 minutes after my first blog post here, my account with Baby’s Days was “terminated” by Baby’s Days.  They say it was terminated because I breached their T&Cs.  Here is what they said:

We obviously exchanged emails back and forth, me saying I had not breached the T&Cs as the first post (and no others to date!) are libel/defamation and that if I did start a blog it would be very factual and evidenced.  Anyway, this is what Baby’s Days ultimately said:

Obviously I added in the highlight so you can read the most relevant part.  So what they are saying is, if I remove myself from all facebook groups, if I delete all my comments on facebook and other review sites and if I take this blog down they will give me back my system.  A system that I have paid over £500 towards over the last 3.5 year and a system that I have not breached the T&Cs of because no part of this blog (to date) and no comments I have made contain any libellous / defamatory comments.  Just facts and evidence to support them.
I have always said (and still believe) that Baby’s Days is a brilliant beautiful package and is incredible at what it does. However, I have also said the customer service on the official support channels ( could SOMETIMES be abrupt and unhelpful.  This is not libel / defamation.

So you make your own mind up; does Baby’s Days blackmail it’s customers? 

My response to Baby’s Days can be found below for those interested, I guess you could say I’m blackmailing them.  I call a spade a spade, what more can I say?

Please note the text crossed out in the pictures above are the name of another lady.  Baby’s Days have refused to update her package, as they did to mine.  I do not want to name this lady here for legal reason but I do not work with her and she is not associated with me in any capacity.  Also note that I am a co childminder and the Baby’s Days system I use was in the name of my co minder, not me, I am an admin on her system.  More on both of these tomorrow.