Baby’s Days newest release.

If you are a Baby’s Days customer you may have been lucky enough to have had your system updated with the latest release.  Not all customers are eligible for all system updates so there may be some people missing out on this upgrade, if you haven’t received it contact Advertising Standards as they may be able to help as Baby’s Days clearly advertise monthly updates when you take out the subscription.

Anyway, the newest upgrade is a really cool looking bulk download feature.  I like to think I’m responsible for this newest upgrade after I pointed out in a blog post that it’s very difficult to back up your data.  This is probably why so many people thought it wasn’t necessary to back up data and there wasn’t a single mention of backing up in any the 100s of training videos.

But now at least all customers have the ability to backup their data more easily which is fantastic news.  This means that (providing you back up regularly) Baby’s Days will never be able to hold your data to ransom as they have with me – excellent news!

Just be very careful with how you are storing your data once you have downloaded it your end.  Memory sticks are easily lost or broken and computers can suddenly implode.  If I were still using Baby’s Days I would back up the data to my laptop and then store it on Drop Box or similar before eventually moving it to memory sticks when a child leaves.  You may need to update your parent permissions to assess the changes on where exactly the data is being stored.

If you want more info on Drop Box and what it does pop back tomorrow when I will be blogging about how I use Drop Box to manage my paperwork now I no longer use Baby’s Days.

This week I’ll also be blogging about some handy tips that have been published in the Baby’s Days Support Group, as well as providing you with an update on the ICO situation and some details about other online EYFS providers and how they can’t be tarred with the same brush as Baby’s Days  / Sys IQ Ltd / Mark Kahl.



Surely the ICO will protect my data?

Lots of childminders have said to me, “it’s your data just ask the Information Commissioners Office to get Baby’s Days to give it back, that’s the whole point of the ICO isn’t it? To protect your data!?”

It turns out that actually no, this isn’t quite true.  I blogged a few weeks ago about how the ICO had contacted Mark Kahl the Director of Sys IQ Ltd which manage the Baby’s Days software.  The ICO contacted him 3 times infact and finally at the last request the ICO received a reply to my subject Access request which is as follows:

“We can confirm that SyS IQ Ltd do not hold any personal data regarding yourself.”

That’s it.  That is all they had to say about 3.5 years with of work being withdrawn and with held, arguably stolen from me.  It’s not clear if they’ve deleted the data (which they had no right to do as I made the access request 15 mins after they terminated the account) or if they believe the data they have (maybe) stored (somewhere) isn’t MY data as such.

After all some of it is about children and these aren’t my children, so it’s a bit of a grey area if the details about these children are protected by a subject access request as usually only personal data is released, such as my accounts and system notes  etc.  It may be the case the the childrens parents have to notify the ICO themselves.

So if you use Baby’s Days and you do not back up you basically have no way yourself (it seems) to recover the data directly from the company.  I’m waiting for the ICO to clarify this.

Due to the seriousness of this and the implications it could have on other users of Baby’s Days I am going to be actively contacting as many childminders, local authority’s, networks, nurseries, agencies and Parents as possible.

They all need to be aware that this could happen to their data, that the ICO possibly can not help get the data back, the company is unaccountable for it’s actions and as such it is extremely important that the data is saved by the childmidner which then makes a complete farce of the companies security claims.

I have compiled a list of childminders currently using Baby’s Days, this information is freely available on the Babys Days like page and also on the support group page.  Once all of those childminders have been notified I will then start to contact the users parents directly if they have facebook groups and then I will contact local authorities, agencies and other networks.

Until my data is returned to me I feel I am obliged to make others directly aware of the risks that using this company carries.  I had well over 1000 pictures of children on this system, where are they? I had personal documents and financial accounts on the system, where are they?  Why doesn’t the company return the data? What do they plan to do with it?

These are the questions I have asked Mark Kahl, via email and phone and he can not provide me with an answer.

This is the “1000% secure” company you’re trusting your data, your children, your parents and your business with.

If I can prevent just one minder going through the ordeal I have been through over the last few months then it will be worth it.