Don’t believe everything you read on the internet; find it out for yourself.

Mark Kahl the director of Baby’s Days has yet again said I am a liar, here is the post and I’ve annotated it to include the actual reality and facts.

response-to-MKYou can find independent information on this issue all over the internet, just google, “cloud saas dpa”.  You can also read this, or contact the ICO yourself.  Their number is 0303 123 1113, ask them very simply, “I use a cloud based data processor, I don’t have a contract with them only T&Cs agreement, am I meeting my obligations under The Data Protection Act?”.

I’m informing Baby’s Days users and prospective users of this information, what they do with the information is down to them.  I don’t want to get into a tit for tat row with anyone.  Now the facts are clear and you have the resources to check the facts you can make your own informed decision.  If you don’t want to verify the facts then that is your decision.

I’ve got to get back to planning a wedding otherwise what good is annual leave!  Only 23 more days and still haven’t had my dress fitted, eeekk!

PS.  If you’re looking for the blog post where I talk about your obligations under DPA then it’s here.  And for the record I don’t admin on any facebook groups or have any connection with any online programmes and I didn’t cancel my Baby’s Days account – it was terminated because the T&Cs were changed deliberately to ensure I was in breach of them.  This is not a vendetta, it’s a fact finding mission that I’m sharing with everyone so they can protect their data in whatever way they chose.  I’ve always said the software is fab, but there are bugs that are hard to address through the customer service channels available because some customers are treated very badly buy the support staff.

5 thoughts on “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet; find it out for yourself.”

  1. “Babys days is the only system that causes any arguments in any forum or group”
    Probably coz Hayley E and Andrea N are the ones stirring it on the pages, PM’ing people on the pages even me. Both are blocked.

    Get over it

    1. If it wasn’t for people like them to make sure people are aware of other choices and problems, then more people would be drawn into the charade.

      Thankfully I am a member of most of the groups over facebook, and see the comments put up by everyone named in this blog, believe me, Hayley and Andrea are two of the good guys, some people really do need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. Babys days is the only system that causes any arguments in any forum or group, why people use them is beyond me.

    Well done Hayley, he doesn’t do himself any favours does he .

  3. how glad am I that I no longer use Baby’s Days! thank you Hayley for bringing this to my attention, although my mind was made up months ago when I also found a bug in the system, and was very rudely told it wasn’t a bug and I was doing things incorrectly – then magically the bug disappeared! then when they pulled your system from you with no warning I could no longer give that man my money, or rely on me having access to my data.
    no system is bug free, no system is perfect – it is the way they claim that theres is that galls me!
    EVERY childminder that uses Baby’s Days or is considering signing up to Baby’s Days should be aware of these issues with the company.
    It will be interesting to see how this progresses from here, whether BD will change tact or if the onus will remain on their customers regarding the ICO and DPA. Will BD even enter into other contracts with their customers – I would love to see that!!! Not sure I will!!!!

  4. Crying with laughter about last comment. You are ace Hayley, you are all over him, love it. Great to see he is finally getting his comeuppance. How long can these people seriously keep their heads in the sands for. There are so many good alternatives out. Open your eyes people, she really is just trying to protect you all.

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