Have I tried talking to Baby’s Days?

The blog now has almost 51,000 views, that’s crazy!  There are 72 published posts, another 32 drafts waiting to be finalised and 528 published comments and none of them are spam!  When I started this blog I never imagined there would be quite so many customers secretly disgruntled with the service they receive from Baby’s Days and living with the worry about what might happen if they upset the company in anyway.

Obviously there are still customers that are very happy to use the company and find the system very helpful.  It’s usually these people that ask me, “have you tired talking to Mark, he’s really so lovely”.

With so much content on the blog and so many comments is easy for things to be missed, to recap here is the recording from the first time I called Mark and here is the first blog post about me calling him to discuss the withholding of access to my data.

I also tried to call him a second time which I’ve not blooged about before.  Quite  recently a lovely lady offered to be a sort of mediator between us in the hope that we could resolve the issue of Sys IQ Ltd witholding access to my data.  Mark asked me to call him, we arranged a time, I called him and he then refused to speak to me as I was recording the call; despite the fact that he too was recording the call and the call HAS to recorded to safeguard my legal interests.  The recording for the second conversation is here.

So to those that say, “have you tried calling Mark?  He’s usually so helpful”.  I hope this answers the question.  Yes I have, twice; he doesn’t want to sort this out.  It could easily have been sorted by giving me a few hours on the system to remove all my information, rather than immediately restricting the access to the system which resulted in me being unable to access the data.  But this is the route Mark chose to take, so do not be fooled into thinking this could have all been sorted out with a simple conversation.

6 thoughts on “Have I tried talking to Baby’s Days?”

  1. how bizarre that Mark would refuse to talk to you if you are recording the call – why would it matter??? what does this man have to hide??? what did he want to say that he wouldn’t want making public???
    I think Mark (and unfortunately therefore Baby’s Days also) are very suspect and I would not trust them one iota!
    Congratulations on yet again remaining professional.
    Please continue blogging, please do not let this lie until you get a satisfactory resolution.

  2. Hi

    I think you should be applauded for your hard work!

    You’ve always praised BBD’s as a good product, but as ever if the customer service is lacking…..

  3. Hi Anon and Confused, it’s very odd isn’t it?! I’m not sure why it was ok for him to record but not me. I didn’t question him about it because I didn’t want to seem to be acting in a tit for tat manner. The bottom line is that I HAVE to record all conversations between us because he has sent me two legal letters. I obviously need to ensure anything said can be evidenced for obviously legal reasons. Seems very odd to me. But hopefully readers will be clear now on who is and isn’t trying to resolve this.

    1. He almost sounded elated, as though he knew darn well you would be recording it and used it against you in a ‘well I did try’ manner, I don’t think he had any intention of resolving it, unless he was going to offer you a bribe perhaps, in exchange for removing the blog (he wouldn’t really want that recording would he) 😉

  4. Hmmmm, I’ve listened to the second recording and am rather confused, it states the company is recording the call, yet he wont allow you to?? Now this gets me thinking, could he have recorded the call and doctored it in some way? was this why he wanted you to call him? surely if he wanted it all sorting out like he suggests, he wouldn’t have had anything to hide so wouldn’t have minded if you’d have recorded it or not? Sounds very suspect to me and good on you for not backing down, silly man!

    1. I agree.

      An olive branch was offered, to both of you, you were both happy to talk to one another to supposedly see if there was a solution or compromise to all this and then as soon as you tell him you’re recording it, as he is, he appears to be disappointed that it can’t be sorted!!

      Was he truly naive enough to imagine you’d be able to talk to him without recording it when he’s so often threatened legal proceedings etc?

      What were you happy to say to Hayley Mark that you’re not happy to have recorded?

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