Baby’s Days have fixed the Picture links on the Demo Site!

Hey readers, sorry again about the lack of blog posts this week!  Things are just so insane planning my wedding and working as a childminder; the blog will have to slow right down but there is still plenty of material to cover including a very sensitive issue with the legalities of Childminders using Baby’s Days.  I’m waiting for absolute clarity on this from The Information Commissioners Office before blogging properly but hopefully early next week I will know more.

If you are concerned about this in the interim as many seem to be on Facebook, you should read this and contact the ICO directly; note that you don’t have a contract with Baby’s Days, you accept their T&Cs.  I am more than sure if you approach Baby’s Days you will get their rose tinted view and not the actual facts to say the least, so the impartial link should help with that.

Today’s blog post is a quick one.  A while ago I posted about how individual photos were able to be viewed without any authentication by the person attempting to view them.  Baby’s Days fixed the issue whilst insisting I was a lair, but I proved the loophole was still present in the demo system in a follow up post; which you can read here.

Baby’s Days still insist that I was lying and that all individual photos required validation (which isn’t true as you can read from the comments in the blog, customers reported their photos were not individually password protected), Mark Kahl the director of Baby’s Days insists I am a liar and continues to post comments such as this in the official Baby’s Days Support Group:

Mark-Kahl-calls-me-a-bad childminder againAnyway, the reason for this blog post is because now photos on the demo do require authentication, isn’t that a bit weird.  Why has it suddenly changed?  These are the questions that Baby’s  Days customers should be asking.  Please make sure you  backup your data and don’t record data on any aspect of the system that can not be backed up.

I promise to blog later in the week, I’m going to blog about a company called Orange Moon and also about a childminder who encountered an inspector who was not so keen on Baby’s Days.  I’d also love to hear form anyone that has provided Baby’s Days with any planning records or other intellectual property over the years for another blog post I’m drafting.

Hope you all had a fab easter and that Tuesday doesn’t hurt too much!

6 thoughts on “Baby’s Days have fixed the Picture links on the Demo Site!”

  1. I have moved from Baby’s days to The Learning Book and my parents think it is a lot more user friendly. Baby’s Days is great concept but I think from a parents prospective it is over thought!
    Mr Kahl should perfect what he already has before adding other

  2. Biggest product on the market *snigger* he’d like to think he is but truth be known he is far from it, 2simple have a by far larger clientele, he just has the biggest ego and mouth, and the worst reputation. Its a case of bull s**t baffles brains as they say when you read his spiel, I feel sorry for the poor individuals that sign up without doing their homework first.

    Good luck with the wedding, not long now :) and a happy Easter to you too x

  3. Glad you’re blogging again Hayley sounds like some interesting posts in the pipeline. I look forward to reading them.
    What a professional response from Mr Kahl, that alone would make me question their business ethics. Unsurprising that he’s yet again resorting to personal slurs instead of addressing the actual question the poster asks.

  4. I have and we have seen what u have posted across the other sites.
    So whiter than white is not what u perceive. Mark may not have the best customer skills, but he does have the best system on the market, which you don’t deny previously. This is dragging on too long, just speak to him.

    1. Anon, have you read the blog post where I did speak to him? I rang him right at the beginning of all this and was told to only talk to him through his lawyers, the call is recorded and on this blog if you want to have a look yourself: I also tried speaking to Mark a second time (this isn’t on the blog yet) he asked me to call him, I called him, he refused to speak to me because I was recording the call, as was he.

      I don’t understand the rest of your post? Are you saying I ahve mentioned this issue elsewhere, like on Facebook? He does have a great system, I never said it was the best. It’s obviously extremely flawed given a customer of almost 4 years was denied access to her work with immediate effect.

    2. Best product on the market according to who? When I was researching, it was far from it and in Hayleys case my research proved right, the more features one systems does, the more your business is at risk. So yes it is the best product on the market for deleting and removing your account, other than then, I wouldn’t touch it!

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