Have I tried talking to Baby’s Days?

The blog now has almost 51,000 views, that’s crazy!  There are 72 published posts, another 32 drafts waiting to be finalised and 528 published comments and none of them are spam!  When I started this blog I never imagined there would be quite so many customers secretly disgruntled with the service they receive from Baby’s Days and living with the worry about what might happen if they upset the company in anyway.

Obviously there are still customers that are very happy to use the company and find the system very helpful.  It’s usually these people that ask me, “have you tired talking to Mark, he’s really so lovely”.

With so much content on the blog and so many comments is easy for things to be missed, to recap here is the recording from the first time I called Mark and here is the first blog post about me calling him to discuss the withholding of access to my data.

I also tried to call him a second time which I’ve not blooged about before.  Quite  recently a lovely lady offered to be a sort of mediator between us in the hope that we could resolve the issue of Sys IQ Ltd witholding access to my data.  Mark asked me to call him, we arranged a time, I called him and he then refused to speak to me as I was recording the call; despite the fact that he too was recording the call and the call HAS to recorded to safeguard my legal interests.  The recording for the second conversation is here.

So to those that say, “have you tried calling Mark?  He’s usually so helpful”.  I hope this answers the question.  Yes I have, twice; he doesn’t want to sort this out.  It could easily have been sorted by giving me a few hours on the system to remove all my information, rather than immediately restricting the access to the system which resulted in me being unable to access the data.  But this is the route Mark chose to take, so do not be fooled into thinking this could have all been sorted out with a simple conversation.

Baby’s Days have fixed the Picture links on the Demo Site!

Hey readers, sorry again about the lack of blog posts this week!  Things are just so insane planning my wedding and working as a childminder; the blog will have to slow right down but there is still plenty of material to cover including a very sensitive issue with the legalities of Childminders using Baby’s Days.  I’m waiting for absolute clarity on this from The Information Commissioners Office before blogging properly but hopefully early next week I will know more.

If you are concerned about this in the interim as many seem to be on Facebook, you should read this and contact the ICO directly; note that you don’t have a contract with Baby’s Days, you accept their T&Cs.  I am more than sure if you approach Baby’s Days you will get their rose tinted view and not the actual facts to say the least, so the impartial link should help with that.

Today’s blog post is a quick one.  A while ago I posted about how individual photos were able to be viewed without any authentication by the person attempting to view them.  Baby’s Days fixed the issue whilst insisting I was a lair, but I proved the loophole was still present in the demo system in a follow up post; which you can read here.

Baby’s Days still insist that I was lying and that all individual photos required validation (which isn’t true as you can read from the comments in the blog, customers reported their photos were not individually password protected), Mark Kahl the director of Baby’s Days insists I am a liar and continues to post comments such as this in the official Baby’s Days Support Group:

Mark-Kahl-calls-me-a-bad childminder againAnyway, the reason for this blog post is because now photos on the demo do require authentication, isn’t that a bit weird.  Why has it suddenly changed?  These are the questions that Baby’s  Days customers should be asking.  Please make sure you  backup your data and don’t record data on any aspect of the system that can not be backed up.

I promise to blog later in the week, I’m going to blog about a company called Orange Moon and also about a childminder who encountered an inspector who was not so keen on Baby’s Days.  I’d also love to hear form anyone that has provided Baby’s Days with any planning records or other intellectual property over the years for another blog post I’m drafting.

Hope you all had a fab easter and that Tuesday doesn’t hurt too much!