Sys IQ Ltd has not complied with Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act.

So it’s been confirmed by the ICO that one part of my problem with my data being withheld by Baby’s Days has been resolved at least.  Despite knowing we wanted the data back, Baby’s Days went ahead and deleted the data anyway.  The ICO have found that because this child’s data has been deleted by Baby’s Days / Sys IQ Ltd, they have not complied with Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act.

There are Eight Principles to The Data Protection Act and from my understanding Principle 7 – which is labelled “security”, is about, you guessed it – security.  How ironic that a company plugging itself as “100% secure” has not complied with the part of the DPA relating to Security!

The ICO website says Pinciple 7:

means you must have appropriate security to prevent the personal data you hold being accidentally or deliberately compromised

So which was it do you think blog readers?  Was my co-minders daughters data accidentally compromised, in which case, how can you be sure this won’t happen to any data you have stored with the company?

Or do you think my co-minders daughters data was deliberately compromised, in which case, again, how can you be sure this won’t happen to any data you have stored with the company?

Either option doesn’t exactly scream 100% secure to me.  What this now means is that under the DPA I have the right to take this matter to court, which obviously I intend to do.  If anyone reading this might know someone who would like to take the case get in touch via the contact option on the blog or through Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Sys IQ Ltd has not complied with Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act.”

  1. I had Babys days access my system after they failed to diagnose a technical problem, after several weeks of begging for their help, and to my atonishment they remotely took over my system in front of my eyes! So yes they can access an account!

  2. Wow this has massive implications, accident records have to be kept for 21 years and they have just been deleted wow they should have the book thrown at them.

  3. In half an hour Mr/Mrs OFSTED will be turning up on your doorstep in order to carry out his/her inspection. However, you are not worried because you use Baby’s Days – the most outstanding software package available for childminders and nurseries.

    OMG, there has been a power outage and off goes your PC. Never mind, you will use your tablet to access your Baby’s Days system. Oh no, the power cut means that your modem/router is not working…you cannot access the internet! Not to worry, having followed Hayley’s advice you decided to backup your system offline – unfortunately, the files are only saved on your PC!!!

    No problem…just show the inspector your paperwork. What!…you don’t have any??? Of course not…like many others in today’s brainwashed society you decided to go paperless in order to save time and money!!!

    Fantastic!!! The electricity has just come back on – turn on your PC! Well, you would if you could but it appears that the power outage has corrupted your drive and your computer will not reboot!!!

    Once again you turn to your tablet and attempt to log on to your Baby’s Days system…but you still cannot get connected to the internet!!! What’s going on now??? One of your children has pulled the cable out of the back of your router – problem solved!!! Plugging it back in you now have a WiFi connection and internet access…hooray!!!

    Then, your worse nightmare…you cannot login to your Baby’s Days system. Why??? It appears you have posted comments on an open forum that are libellous and defamatory thus denying you access to the system. So you get on your knees and call the director of Baby’s Days pleading with him to reinstate your account. In return you will remove all posts and issue a public apology. You wait with baited breath and…access granted!!!

    Ding dong!!! The OFSTED inspector is at your door…

    Your nerves have calmed, the meeting is going well. You now get your opportunity to shine and show the inspector your Baby’s Days system. I’m bound to get a GOOD grading if not OUTSTANDING you tell yourself. You enter your username and password then click the button…



    !!!It appears that this months subscription payment has not gone through!!!

    Moral of the story…if you do decide to use a web-based application to manage your business (no matter how good it is) make sure it provides a quick and easy way to backup all your data offline. Save your data on multiple devices – regularly!!! Don’t totally rely on technology or a 3rd party to protect/look after your data as Hayley has found out to her cost.

    Keep up the good work Hayley!

  4. Maybe a good idea to share this blog with Ofsted and all the local authorities, they should be looking out for childcarers surely?

    1. Totally agree Concerned. I’m sure OFSTED would take a very dim view of this, and possibly downgrade anyone using the system forthwith. Lets face it as childminders/nurseries etc we have to guarantee that childrens date is kept secure and safe. We have to have a policy stating this. Having read this latest news no childminders data is secure and safe if they use Babysdays :-(
      Pity this info cant be put on the Babysdays support page, but if it was it would be deleted within a nano second of being posted :-(

  5. Oh my word, this company seem to be a law onto themselves, either that or very very childish and have done it out of sheer malice.

    Fingers crossed a court will sort this company out, and I would also recommend everyone who still uses it, to back everything up, courts can be costly. Will the ICO be issuing babysdays with a fine Hayley? They have a list of companies and institutions on their website who have been fined by them, surely they cant just get away with it?

  6. Oh my well at least you know they have deleted your data – why didn’t they tell you this instead of saying they wouldn’t release it? Can’t believe they have the audacity to delete 3.5 years of your work – I know how many hours will have gone into that and how this will impact not only your business but also the children’s development in your care. I hope Ofsted hold them to account. Absolutely disgraceful I look forward to your day in court!

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