Are Baby’s Days denying that photos could be accessed without a password?

The short answer to this is that yes they are denying it, even though many people commented on the blog and messaged me on Facebook to say they could see photos without needing a password.

I’ve frequently contacted Baby’s Days to ask if they want to comment on any blog posts and they always ignore me.  They know how to contact me if they do want to clear up any possible discrepancy I may have posted.  Yet they have never contacted me to clarify the content of anything I have posted.

This is because everything posted is 100% accurate. 

Some of his supporters believe that I am able to make up “lies” under free speech rights, but free speech doesn’t give you the right to lie. The reason I can continue to post these things that reflect badly on Baby’s Days is because they are all true and I can prove they are.

So as I say, until Wednesday there has been radio silence from Mark Kahl director of Baby’d Days regarding the factual content of this blog.  During my recent posts I’ve pointed out that photos could be accessed without a password.  Did Mark Kahl contact me to clarify issues on my latest post? No.  Did he issue a statement detailing how safe and secure his system is? No.

Instead he chose to post in the Facebook support group essentially calling me a liar.  Bear in mind a good portion of his customers have been banned from this group run by Kel Thomas so for their benefit here is what Mark Kahl, director of Sys IQ Ltd had to say about my latest blog post and how he has gone about reassuring you all that your data is “100% secure”.

1 2 3 4I’ve edited the post so you can just see the posts made by Mark Kahl, but if you would like to read the entire conversation between group members then click here.

The latest blog post was brought to my attention by a parent via the comments section of this blog, you can see the comment here.  After checking with some technical friends, I was informed that other parents could in theory access data in the way described by the parent, if the system was set up in the same way as it was at this nursery.  I then asked some blog readers that still use Baby’s Days to send me links to their photos so I could see if I could view them without their passwords.  Only after checking this information did I publish what the parent had mentioned.

It is 100% accurate to say that individual photos were able to be viewed without any authentication by the person attempting to view them. Anyone with the right information, and time, could have been able to determine and view anyone’s images on the system without ever needing to log in to babysdays.

How they can publicly deny this happened and call me a liar when everything points to the contrary is beyond me.  They are obviously just counting on their customers blind faith and assumptions that this company wouldn’t put their data at risk.  Obviously I am seeking legal advice as both Kel Thomas and Mark Kahl are publicly defaming me.

Given that Baby’s Days refused to update my system after advertising monthly updates, then terminated my account with no legal justification and then (maybe?  They wont confirm) deleted parts/all of my data illegally and in direct contradiction of the Data Protection Act and the advice of the Information Commissioners Office is surprises me enormously that anyone can believe a word that comes out of Mark Kahl’s keyboard!?

My message is clear.  Make sure ALL of your data is backed up, your documents, your notes, you dairies, registers, photos, the lot.  Use this company with your eyes wide open or you may find yourself in the same position as me unfortunately.

13 thoughts on “Are Baby’s Days denying that photos could be accessed without a password?”

  1. Customer service from Babys Days is appalling, unless you are willing to “worship the ground” that the ‘team’ walk on (especially the fb groups), you’ve got no chance! Stick with paperwork or free software – less hassle and no “worshipping”

  2. I love all the talk about how hayley mustn’t be looking after the children properly due to time spent on the blog.
    Do they question Kel Thomas the same? She answers Facebook queries straight away & deletes comments she doesn’t agree with even quicker! She’s either not working or just interacts with the children with her phone in her hand.

    1. I have thought this ( along with many others ) time and time again. Hayley does this factual blog in the evenings “after ” the kiddies have gone home. Kel Thomas answers the posts on her various groups constantly throughout the day, sometimes literally within seconds. This can be seen ( if anyone doubts it ) by looking at the time stamps under her replies !! I would severely question her ability to be minding observing the children properly, because as has been stated she must walk around either with her phone in her hand constantly or her ipad/tablet or whatever. But then as we have all stated time again, maybe she isn’t actually a bonfida childminder !!???

    2. You’d get kicked off her groups pretty darn quickly if you dare question her and then she’d have meltdown and want to close down the support group – oh hang on that already happened hence the unofficial support group for which being a member bans you from the official group (and according to bd’ s t&c could lose you your system!)…..unbelievable!

      1. And for anyone who thinks Therese is making it up, and that you do get banned from the support group (seen as being a hate group because it was created without permission from BDs) for belonging to the unofficial one, these are the terms and conditions she is referring too –

        Libel / Defamation

        Should it be proven that you have made (or have threatened to make) libellous (written / printed public defamation) comments / posts about Sys IQ Ltd or the Baby’s Days product, brand and / or trademark, or belong to / are a member of / are a part of any internet based hate-related site / group / forum / blog where others are posting libellous statements or comments / posts about Sys IQ Ltd or the Baby’s Days product, brand and / or trademark, including but not limited to websites, Facebook, Twitter / other social media sites / blogs etc, we reserve the right to terminate and deny You access to Your Subscription Service with immediate effect

        Phew, there you have it!

    1. This is the best comment ever (Mister MR I think?)! I work with 4 other people and only have 3 key children so my paperwork doesn’t take long. I work fast, I had to replace all my contracts, policies, procedures, risk assessments, learning journeys etc for the 19 children on roll in one weekend thanks to Baby’s Days. I’m also planning a wedding and have a pretty normal social life. I don’t get much sleep sadly!

      1. If you only have 3 key children why did you have to replace paperwork for 19? The system wasn’t actually yours was it, it was another childminders. What do they think about all of this? What do the other 3 people think? They seem to be very quiet.

        1. We have 19 children on roll, it’s the “on roll” part of my response that’s relevant to your question. I had to replace paperwork for 19 children as there are 19 on roll and sadly as this is my business when the proverbial hits the fan it’s me that spends my weekends cleaning it up. They think Baby’s Days is a great system with terrible customer service and they it was totally illegal for them to cancel my co minders account for me publishing this blog. They don’t post on here for legal reasons, but they are regular readers :)

    2. Ive often wondered the same about the Woman Kel who runs the babysdays support group, She cant possibly look after children and get chance to post ever 2 seconds of the day, in many different groups she admins, which she seems to be able to all the time. And if Mr K wasn’t sitting moaning and filling peoples heads with rubbish, then he would be able to answer all those support tickets he says he gets.

    3. Well Anon. That could also be said the same of this woman Kel. She seems to spend a very unnatural amount of time ( 24/7 almost ) on Facebook on her various sites , making sure no anti Babysdays comments skip the radar and answering questions, I find that amazing considering she’s supposed to be a childminder/carer. Wonder when she fits in her paperwork ?

  3. I wouldn’t want to trust any of my data with such an individual or their minions , and no, freedom of speech only comes into law if it is the truth, if it is slander, lies, libel it would be forced to be removed and you would face a possible law suit so people can rest assured that this blog is fact, otherwise it wouldn’t be here. (is the man of sane mind??)

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