Readers Ask: Have you tried calling Baby’s Days?

First of all I’m so sorry to all the readers that there was no blog post yesterday, the blog was experiencing technical difficulties and I was unable to post.  I’m not really sure why this happened, but measures have been put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  I’ll be blogging more on this issue later in the week.

In the meantime I wanted to address an issue that has come up a lot in my inbox over the last week.  A lot of people, including the ICO, have asked,

“Have you tried calling them on the phone?”

Yes I have, twice.  The first time I was hung up on and wasn’t recording the call but the second time (16.12.14) I tried, a few days later, I got through to the director of the company, Mark Kahl and verbally requested that my data was returned.

Mark Kahl advised me to take this matter up with his solicitors, which I have, and they have both ignored me and continue to ignore the ICO.

I recorded the call, so for those of you that still feel that Mark Kahl is very reasonable and that this is a communication error on both our parts; please listen to the call by following this link:

Link to recording, you don’t need an account, hit skip on the bottom right.  The first 10 seconds are silence where I set up the recorder prior to placing the call.

As Baby’s Days record calls in their entirety, I believe I am legally entitled to publish this recording.

There is no communication error, Mark Kahl the director or Sys IQLtd, is flat out refusing to give me back 3.5 years worth of work.

It makes no sense to me why a company would do this? Why cause such harm to a customer that has been with you for over 3.5 years and paid over £500 for a service.

The only reason I can find is sheer malice.  I’d be interested in hearing any other opinions in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Readers Ask: Have you tried calling Baby’s Days?”

  1. I still cannot get over your treatment Hayley. I know of one other BD user who this has happened to – eg pulling their account and data with no warning due to no payment according to them (the person had paid it was their error!). How can they just withhold your data like this, data they know you need to be compliant, data they know you need to run your business? How many more customers have they done this too? Seems their reaction to issues raised by customers is not to look into it but to simply remove you, absolutely despicable. I’m nearly ready to move from them and when I do I will be telling them why!!! So many other cheaper or free alternatives out there with normal customer service! I pray you will get your data back Hayley x

    1. No, I don’t believe I have to tell them because they know it’s being recorded? I could be wrong though? Seems a bit odd to me I’d have to say “I’m recording the call” when they already have said themselves, “we record all calls in their entirety”?

  2. I listened to the message, and to be honest with you, I couldn’t understand what the person on the other end muttered, I would assume the same person pick up which ever option you pressed, but it might be an idea to actually put someone on the phone that can speak clearly and answer the phone with ‘Hello Babys days, how may I help you’ not sound like they really don’t want to be there.

  3. Hayley, if you read terms and conditions under data and storage, they claim they adopt data backup. They should still have your data, unless they have wiped it! Surely they should be taking stock in their clients worries and adopting a more approachable customer service. Mark Kahl I hope you are reading this blog, it is not a witch hunt against you, just clients wanting a more reasonable approach and data returning.

    1. Thanks Sympathetic. I asked for my dad within 15 minutes of them terminating my account, so I can’t imagine they would/should have deleted it beyond recovery within that time period, but they may have deleted it by now :( Thanks for the support :)

    1. Seems a lot of this is deemed ‘illegal’ keeping someones data and not giving it back on request is by far more serious than someone taping a phone call regarding THEIR data be returned. Its evidence, without recorded or screen shots/photographic evidence, surely it would be ‘hear say’ ?

      Come on babys days, pick your dummies back up, wipe your nose and sort out your act, your beginning to look a little silly now!

      1. Well what can I say……unbelievable. He sounds fed up, miserable and downright obnoxious. Give up now Mark it’s obviously too much for you.

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