Baby’s Days false claims

Quick blog post tonight as I’m a busy bee and the blog and facebook are both super busy.

Tonight blogs post is going to be exmaining some claims made by Baby’s Days.  To keep it simple, I’m going to quote what Baby’s Days have said and then underneath I’m going to tell you what’s actually true.

Only Baby’s Days has complete Parental Access

Umm, this isn’t true.  MegaMinder, Tapestry , Owl Track, Orbit, EY Log and many others all alow parents to add information to the system, message the childminder and comment on photos.  Some of them do even more than Baby’s Days does!  For example, MegaMinder (which is free) lets parents put on medicine info and injury forms.  It seems to me MegaMinder had many of the features Baby’s Days has before Baby’s Days!

No special or additional software is require

Again, this isn’t true.  If you only have IE as a browser you will have to download Firefox.  Sometimes some things don’t work in Firefox so then you have to download Chrome too.  You also need an up to date Flash and Java.  You also need a PDF reader to view most information on your own device.  If you use an iphone or ipad you need to make sure it has enough RAM.

Parent’s access is controlled by you

This isn’t true.  Parents can change their own passwords and then that means the administrators can’t log in as the parents as they don’t know the password.  You’re supposed to ask your parents not to change their passwords themselves, but to ask you to do it.

We release amazing new features onto the system every month

This isn’t true either.  They do have new features most months but not all customers are entitled to receive them, it comes down to the directors whim who does and doesn’t get the updates.  So the truth is some customers get new features most months.  But also remember they never commit to time scales of new features, like their new video upload and the extremely elusive app.

We back up your data every day in two different geographical locations so you don’t have to.

This isn’t true, you should back up all your data yourself to your own computer.  You must also register with the ICO.

Baby’s Days is the only system available that will allow you to upload video

This isn’t true, Learning Journey does this too, so does Evernote, EY Log and Tapestry also have this feature as do many others.  Also Baby’s Days doesn’t upload the video, YouTube does, so you can easily upload any video to YouTube, make it an unlisted video, then pop the link to the video in your diary/Observation.  You can do this on any system.

We are the only complete solution on the market for every child care setting.

Not true.  MegaMinder is free and does nearly all the same stuff, Owl Track also does everything, EY Log, Evernote and Connect Childcare, also do everything.  There is also on offline service that does all the same stuff as Baby’s Days, called Jeans DataBase that gets fantastic, (uncensored) reviews and the lady that runs it is apparently very helpful.  In fact all of the systems have really great reviews, of course I’ve read the odd one or two gripe, but when you consider most of these systems are free it’s amazing really they have the time and money to be so customer orientated.  Especially when you conisdier how much Baby’s Days costs and how awful I’ve found their Customer Service to be.

There is a Facebook group for the other systems where the owners answer questions you might have if anyone wants to have a nose, click here.  Baby’s Days aren’t in there as they don’t like to answer questions such as, “Can Baby’s Days see my data and access my system”.

I could go on and on, the bottom line is whoever writes their advertising doesn’t know the competition very well and is making a load of inaccurate claims.  The advert has been reported to The Advertising Standards Agency and I will hear back form them in a few weeks.  If you also feel their advertising is misleading, feel free to contact the Advertising Standards Agency yourself too.

Here is the advert, as you can see a good chunk of it is outight fibbing.  The bits that are left aren’t exactly ground breaking.

One claim I’m not sure sure about….

Baby’s Days is used by more child care settings than any other software system on the market

Really?  Is it?  How can they be so sure?  Any pearls of wisdom readers?

It goes without saying all the views in this blog post are my own, I’m not affiliated with any of the companies, I could have misunderstood what some of them offer and there may be ever more out there that do just as good a job as those mentioned here, feel free to add any in the comments section.  If you want to look into a new system yourself just type into google “EYFS software” and you will get a load of results.  Happy Reading!

Pop back tomorrow for the Friday special guest blogger post!



Make sure you leave a review for Baby’s Days…… or you won’t get a system update!?

Yesterday, Mark Kahl posted on the Facebook Baby’s Days support group asking people to leave a review as it, “encourages [them] to release fantastic new features onto the system.”

marks-postIf you’re a regular reader of this blog you will know that when Baby’s Days introduced the control centre they refused to update my (fully paid up) system with the update, they refused to tell me why I suddenly wasn’t eligible for updates and they refused to pass my letter of complaint to the director.  I’m not quite sure how they did this given their insistence that all systems are “identical”, but they did and you can read about it here.

Anyway lots of people are very concerned about the wording of the Facebook post made by Mark Kahl on the support group run by Kel Thomas via facebook.  I’ve had numerous messages in my inbox over the last 24 hours asking things like:

If someone doesn’t leave a positive review will they be denied the next update?

Is this review site some sort of method for weeding out those not 100% happy about the system and cutting them off?

Why hasn’t Mark Kahl advertised this review website on the official Baby’s Days like page? Is he concerned that he will get more negative than positive reviews?  After all the support group has all the unsatisfied customers weeded out by admin Kel Thomas, but you can’t stop people reading the official ‘Like page'; all those unhappy people will see the post and will leave a negative review.

I posted on Monday that my fair and accurate review wasn’t published on their review site, I know of a few others that have posted fair and reflective reviews too, but they also were censored.  It turns out they are approving each review individually!


You have to start questioning at this point, is this a review site or a fan club?  Can you imagine if Trip Advisor had to “approve” each review individually?  What a farce!

Also, how many people have something negative to say about Baby’s Days that warrants them needing to approve each “review”.  I’m under the impression I’m the only person in the history of the world EVER, to have had a problem with Baby’s Days (according to them).  They have posted the link to the review site in a closed Facebook group. Surely if it’s just little old me with anything bad to say “approving” each comment is overkill?

In my opinion, you’d only need to approve each comment individually if you were worried you might get “too many” reviews that were “bad”.  Given that this review website has only been advertised in a closed Facebook group how many “bad” reviews are they expecting to warrant this level of scrutiny?

These are the questions that current users of Baby’s Days really need to be asking themselves.  There are still lots of people that believe the theft of my data by Sys IQ Ltd is somehow my own “fault”, I must have deserved it in some way.  Surely no company would treat a customer the way I claim Baby’s Days has treated me, I must be lying, right?

Apart from the fact this blog is fully evidenced, you have to ask, if it’s just me that they have upset with their disgusting customer service why has this blog had over 30,000 views in such a short space of time?  Why are so many people banned from posting on their “like” page?  Why are so many users removed from the Support Group run by Kel Thomas that Mark Kahl, director of Baby’s Days, continues to endorse?

If it’s “just me” why not let my factual and fair comment lie there in with the (supposed) “hundreds” of others?  Wake up and smell the coffee people, it’s not just me that’s why each post has to be “approved”; to keep their little bubble from popping.

And FYI Mark Kahl (my most frequent blog reader) I spent nearly 4 years on my work that you have refused to return, I sure as hell intend to spend at least that getting it all back.

Pop Back tomorrow where I’ll be posting a critique of Baby’s Days false advertising methods and then Friday I’m hoping to be posting a collaborative piece with a guest blogger.  Ohhhh Exciting!

Who are Noble Minder and why does Baby’s Days own their domain?

I’ve had so many messages about yesterdays post in my inbox, so I thought I would blog about this matter again this evening in more detail.

Who are Noble Minder?

There is a link to an advert placed by the company here, but it basically says, “Noble Minder is the complete online support package for childminders”.  Like Baby’s Days, Noble Minder did Risk Assessments, Book Keeping, Observations and Assessment Recorods, Policy Writing and staff Training Logs etc.  It was supposed to be a “complete solution” for childminders, a lot like Baby’s Days is.

Sadly the company was dissolved in April 2012 (and was established in 2008, so had 4 years worth of customers) after numerous accounts were late being filed.  Baby’s Days came along around April 2010, and has now been around for slightly longer than Noble Minder was.

As the company was dissolved a lot of customers lost a lot of work and I have found a few threads on the internet where childminders are desperately trying to salvage their work.

What has Noble Minder got to do with Baby’s Days?

I’m not really sure, all I know is that the director of Baby’s Days, Mark Kahl owns the domain / web address for


Do any readers know if there is a connection?  Or do they know why Noble Minder went bust?  It looks to me the reason that Mark Kahl owns the domain is because he was trying to “skim” unsuspecting Noble Minder customers, but a few messages in my inbox have suggested there is more to it than this.  Get in touch if you have any info.

Pop back tomorrow where I will be blogging about Baby’s Days false claims and how they misrepresent their package being “the only one” that has certain features when in fact there are lots that do the same thing and most were doing it first!

Baby’s Days / Sys IQ Ltd buy all domains similar to my blog.

Hi readers, I hope you all had a fab weekend!  For those of you that let me know about the issue with not getting emails to say I had updated, I think this has been fixed?  Please let me know.  We have well over 30,000 visitors now so word is spreading and I just can’t keep up with my facebook inbox, I’m so sorry!  Please be brave and comment on the blog, it is all Anon and I remove all email addresses.

For those of you that haven’t subscribed, there is a subscribe area on the left hand side of the screen for those on computers.  For those on phones, hit the three little lines in the top right and it will pop up with the side bar and you will see where you can subscribe.  There is also a problem with the stat counter and I’m manually updating it based on unique views, hopefully it will be working properly by the end of this week.

Anyway, on to the first blog post of this week.  When I started this blog, many people who were in favour of it were worried I would run out of things to blog about.  That was also a worry of mine too, but Baby’s Days just keep giving me more and more material!  It’s very helpful!

They have a strategy that they use with competitors whereby they buy competitors domain names and then, in a sneaky bid to get more customers, they divert these domains to their own website.  I know to many of you this might not make much sense.  So let me simplify it.

There are two companies, both are hairdressers.  One if called Cutz and the other is called Styler.  Styler will buy up lots of shops and put signs over the door called Cutzz or Cuts in the hope that unsuspecting people don’t notice.  Then in these “fake” salons, they have a secret door to their actual salon called Styler.  I’m not sure that makes sense but I hope so!  In this example, Bbay’s Days are acting like the salon “Styler”.  Very underhand indeed, I’m sure you will agree!

Take this example.


Here is a screenshot taken a while ago, this shows that Mark Kahl (The Director of Baby’s Days) owned the domain  Nobleminder was a company just liked Baby’s Days that provided a software solution to childminders for the EYFS.  They dissolved back in May 2012 and a lot of customers lost a lot of data.

So either Baby’s Days is/was somehow affiliated with Nobleminder OR they bought Nobleminders dot com domain to essentially lead customers through the secret door to Baby’s Days software.

Anyway, the reason I’m going on about this is because my blog domain, has many similar alternatives, such as or all of which have been purchsed by Sys Iq Ltd.  The director of Sys IQ Ltd is Mark Kahl, and Mark Kahl is also the director and creator of Baby’s Days.

So, because my blog has reached page one of google results and because it is gaining in popularlity, the director has chosen to buy up domains in an attempt to “drown out” my blog, hoping that it will get lost amongst his domains.  He has also started a review blog of his own but as you might expect, with everything related to Baby’s Days it is heavily censored and my factual and fair review was not published.  Here is what it said:

my review not published

Why don’t you leave a review for them and see if it gets published? The address is  I’ll personally be contacting everyone that leaves a review on their new domain with a link to this blog so that the can ensure their data is safe.

Pop back tomorrow for  an update on retrieving my data via the ICO investigation, later in the week I will also be publishing my 4th legal letter.

What happens if you don’t pay your monthly subscription?

You might expect a warning letter, maybe a call to let you know there were some problems processing your payment? A few days grace to get it sorted would also be a nice touch, right?

Like everything else with Baby’s Days it’s not that straight forward.  If payment isn’t received, for whatever reason, be it your error or their error your access is cancelled immediately.

Imagine if this happened on the day of your inspection? I know Baby’s Days advise you to print out a test child, but what about fridge temps and policies, contracts, registers and fire drills etc?  You’d be pretty stuffed!

That’s the whole point of an online system, to be online an accessible at the touch of a button.  If your internet is down you can easily use your 3G so there really shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t get to your data.

It’s not just ‘trouble makers’ like me that have their accounts cancelled by this company.  Every person using their subscription service is at risk.

As ever, back it up regularly and make sure you check your payments go out on the day they should especially if you’re due an inspection.

If you have been locked out of your account for non payment comment below :)

ps.  Typing in a hurry from phone, please excuse the typos.