The Official Baby’s Days Support Group.

I‘ve posted on this blog previously about how Kel Thomas isn’t employed by babysdays.  Kel Thomas and Baby’s Days are both adamant that they are two separate entities.
This begs the question of why the support group is called the “official” support group, “supported and approved by Baby’s Days”.  I don’t understand how they can be unrelated when using wording such as this? 
Surely you’re either “supported and approved” by Baby’s Days or you’re not? I can’t understand how you can be both at the same time? “Supported and approved” but “completely separate”? 
The reason this is so important is because Baby’s Days direct new and potential customers to the support group and they use it as a means of advertising their service.  Which is completely understandable.  But the reason why this support group features on this blog is because it is incredibly censored and biased in favour of the product, this wouldn’t normally happen and companies should be happy to show negative and positive reviews/comments.  
As it stands, it’s my opinion that the way Baby’s Days uses the support group presents an unfair and misleading viewpoint for new customers.  They do not get to see any of the technical difficulties that users may be experiencing as post like that are simply deleted.  Only mundane, “how do I do x” questions are answered, very quickly, by Kel Thomas.
So long as they can advertise in this slanted manner they have no need to change the way they talk to and treat their current customers.  This blog is about trying to to get my data back and also about making the company accountable for their treatment of customers or at least making customers aware that their account could be terminated if they don’t, ‘keep in line’ so to speak.
If you think I’m being a bit silly and you feel Baby’s Days talks to its customers just fine, please read the below post taken from the support group just over a year ago.  This is when I first started to question the ethics of this company and became more aware of how heavily posts were censored.  This post was later removed from the group, presumably by Kel Thonas as she was the only admin at the time.

I would love to hear some thoughts about this in the comments below, don’t forget you can post Anon.

Pop back tomorrow where I will be blogging about Baby’s Days connection with the Ukraine!

DISCLAIMER: Since Jan 1st 2015 the previously mentioned, “Official” support group endorsed by Baby’s Day was re-branded and no longer contains the word “official” and seemingly is no longer endorsed by Baby’s Days.  At the time of writing this blog post the details within were 100% accurate.

18 thoughts on “The Official Baby’s Days Support Group.”

  1. I am absolutely gobsmacked that Baby’s Days responded publicly to their paying customers in this manner. Why do they feel it’s acceptable to be so ignoran, rude and downright insulting to the people who pay their bills?

  2. I will under no circumstances be using baby days ever…. I thought it looked amazing and honestly I think the system probably is worth the money, but after seeing their responses to customers (on here, facebook and netmums) I find their customer service disgusting, not a company I want to trust my business with at all.

  3. Sorry Hayley, when I made my comment there were no comments.
    Clearly I should have “Cleared my cache and used Firefox!!”
    OMG! If anyone of my staff spoke ‘publicly’ like this, on their facebook page they would be instantly dismissed. Who do they think they are? Please people, I beg you, if you are a current user, leave, don’t give these unpleasant, arrogant people another penny of your hard earned money. Give the money to another company, who consider customer care, have a ‘real life’ complaints policy and will not sulk if you dare to question any element of their software to the benefit of your company.

    Look after yourself, because Baby’s Days don’t give a jot about you!!

    Keep up the good work Hayley, you are a crusader to the sensible!

  4. How she manages to answer questions, within minutes of them being posted is beyond me, she is supposed to be a full time childminder, yet seems to be always on line, very suspicious and I can see why people would assume she is an employee.

  5. This is one of my main annoyances, and I was one of those who signed up because of all the great reviews and comments on the group and was duped by the censorship. I also get very annoyed by the victim card that is often played, as those who are silenced never get a chance to defend themselves. I also think the tone of that whole post sums up also lol that is wrong with the way the company is run. Very unprofessional. And I remember when that forum site was launched too and they tried to get everyone to join it or they would have no support group to access. If anyone was trying to herd sheep it was them, and it failed miserably – which is why the support group is now back.on Facebook.

  6. it would be interesting to see what your comments were that sparked that off ……my experience is that the sheep are the people in Kel’s group and she certainly isn’t someone to admire or look up to ……she has been very rude to me and blocked me now to dare challenge her

    1. Sadly, I think that happens to a lot of people Anon, myself included. I believe it started over Kel advertising a childminding forum Baby’s Days sponsored and Kel tried to set up, but Kel did have answers to childminders questions in a group she advertised in. She must, I presume, have felt under attack and told Baby’s Days about it, so they returned to the support group to let everyone know the deal.

  7. Phew, what a rant, I’m sure they felt much better after getting all that of their chests, but this isn’t the first post like this, and it certainly wont the the last, sounds like a spoilt child who hasn’t got his way, its becoming boring now, and Im so glad I don’t use that awful system, I like to think of myself as a shepherd, not a sheep!

    1. Shocked, yes it was, it was posted in the “official”, “endorsed” but unaffiliated support group run by Kel Thomas, it was posted around the end of October 2012, you wont be able to find it now as it was deleted sadly. Baby’s Days left the support group , I forget why, but they came back especially to post this.

      I believe that Kel was taking some flak on a different Facebook group because she was promoting a forum sponsored by Baby’s Days and people had lots of questions about prices etc and she got a little defensive with her answers and obviously went back and told Baby’s Days all about it and this was their response.

  8. Gobsmacked (as ever) at the arrogance and distain displayed by this company towards paying customers but the truth is they posted many tantrums of this nature.

    I remember when the group first started and I was delighted. It was somewhere where we could freely post simple questions and suggestions (amongst ourselves) without fear of being shot down or patronised or just plain told ‘you are wrong’ should we have dared to do that on the company’s official page.

    My feeling was that this was exactly why the group was set up. To begin with people regularly asked if BD was a member and at the start I don’t think they were. Then they joined and it wasn’t long before the fights started and they stropped off time and time again vowing never to return, popping up again, and again sometimes within hours, when the temptation got too much. How they can call anyone childish is beyond me. Talk about deluded.

    They really could have saved themselves a whole heap of trouble and their reputation if they had just hired a Customer Service person.

    Keep up the good work Hayley.

    1. Thanks for the support anon, I’ve said it all along, the system is brilliant and it’s a real shame the company chooses to operate in this way. So many things could be dealt with so different, that Customer Service person sounds like a good idea to me!

  9. Hayley, I have been following your blog because I had read about some concerns over the way in which Baby’s Days deal with their customers. I am completely appalled by this rant, it is simply outrageous! Unprofessional in the extreme even by their own standards.

    1. Thanks anon. It’s surprising isn’t it from a professional company. You always have to ask yourself, “would I put up with this from Tesco?” Most of the time the answer is no. So let’s hope this blog makes them realise the things they say and the way they speak to customers does matter.

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