Security and SSL Ceritifcates.

Tonight’s post is all about SSL Certificates.  This is the first in a series of posts comparing Baby’s Days with their competitors.  A SSL certificate determines how secure data is as it leaves your computer and travels across the internet to the company’s server source.

You can test a sites certificate and configuration using websites online like SSLABS.  So if you want to check the validity of claims made in this post, have a little nosey yourself.  There are a few other EYFS packages available on the market to nurseries and childminders; Baby’s Days state that other packages, “only provide a fraction of the features available with Baby’s Dayssource 

You would imagine that Baby’s Days would have the highest ranking certificate given that they are the, “most advanced software system available on the market” source and that users pays £11.99 a month.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case and Baby’s Days DO NOT have the highest SSL Certificate rating amongst its competitors. 

The highest rated SSL Certificates are actually configured by companies called MegaMinder and Orbit who both provide free EYFS software solutions.  Below are the certificates so you can view this for yourself.

Does this mean Baby’s Days is unsafe? 
No, not at all. They are doing as much as they can to ensure your data is safe.  It is just a shame that the wording on their website is so “pumped” it really makes you feel that they are market innovators leading the field, the only ones who can be trusted etc.  They have a whole page on their site dedicated to ensuring you know they are the best in the industry and that competitors do not come close.

So when you delve a little deeper it’s disappointing to find that actually FREE providers have higher rating certificates.  If you pop back tomorrow I will be posting more about the marketing claims made on their website, including the claim that, “no other system has the Parental Interaction that Baby’s Days can offer you”.

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9 thoughts on “Security and SSL Ceritifcates.”

  1. Suppose its an improvement from last year when it was a C and still claiming 100% secure, maybe next year they might lose the –

  2. Amazing that just a little know how and you can find this out. I wouldn’t be bothered so much if baby’s days didn’t spend do much time putting the other companies down. Well done Hayley. Loving the blog still, been here from the beginning. :)

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