Babys Days: The reviews they don’t want you to see.

So, it seems that current customers of Baby’s Days have been told that I am a customer with a grudge and that everyone else in the world thinks Babys Days is awesome.  Just to remind everyone this blog is here because Baby’s Days refused to update my fully paid up system, when I questioned this and tried to make others aware their updates could be restricted my account was terminated.

I was a happy user plodding along for almost 4 years without a care in the world, and then this happens.  It’s arguably only a matter of time before these customers who currently see me as some sort of hysterical grudge holding loon, find themselves in the same position as me.

I thought it would be helpful to collate some other users views of Baby’s Days.  It seems most negative reviews are removed under threat of libel action but if you look you will find them and you will also find posts by Babys Days that demonstrate their true attitude.

I am hoping that these reviews will demonstrate to current customers that my concerns are rational and shared by others; not just a byproduct of holding a “grudge”.  As ever, all I ask is for customers to please back up their data so that they will be safe if Baby’s Days pull the rug from underneath them.

Tomorrow I am going to be blogging about the Data Centre that Baby’s Days uses, so pop back for a nosey.

4 thoughts on “Babys Days: The reviews they don’t want you to see.”

  1. I would like to add, that I know of people who have questioned the system, or have made a comment about an aspect of it, and then received some rather nasty threats accusing libel and threatening court action, and also know of people who have had to involve the police because of the nasty underhand tactics this company was using, disgraceful is what they are.

  2. Kel is very quick off the mark ( excuse the pun ) if anyone posts anything even slightly negative on any of the FB pages she is admin on. Often within seconds of it being posted !! Maybe thats why she is on the system so god damn quick all the time, to delete these posts before anyone sees them. ?? She’s not always successful and sometimes they are seen by others beforehand. Most minders don’t spend 24/7 on their phones/laptops etc so don’t get to see the comments. Amazingly she is always on !!!! Normally when I purchase a product I review it to within an inch of my life, sadly I only saw the positives when I subscribed to Babysdays, because I looked at their support page and their main page, saw all these rave reviews and sadly now know they delete anything even remotely negative :-( My fault and I wont be so silly when I eventually use another system.

  3. And those are just a few negative comments, I’ve seen hundreds more, but like you say, they are very quickly removed, and often replaced with half a dozen shining ones, very sus.

    You never see any negative reviews about any of the other systems though do you, especially where customer service is concerned, speaks volumes.

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