Baby’s Days and The Ukraine!?

So you might be wondering what Baby’s Days has got to do with the Ukraine?  Given that their team is “in house” and that they have a UK data centre you’ve probably assumed that everything is based here in the UK.

I was a user of Baby’s Days for 3.5 years and assumed that it was Mark that did all the coding (as he set it up initially for his wife) and then more recently Jeff joined the team part time as a kind of database administrator.  To my recollection I’ve never actually been told this, it’s more implied from the website wording and facebook posts etc.  Others might have interpreted things differently too, let me know in the comments section.  So to my mind, “in house” always meant either Mark or Jeff.
But recently I have realised that Baby’s Days has at least one employee based in The Ukraine. I did wonder if maybe the Gentleman was just from the Ukraine, but his Facebook accounts says he lives in the Ukraine.  Most companies use contractors so I don’t find this odd but the fact that Baby’s Days have failed to mention this employee does seem very misleading to me.

As I’ve said elsewhere on the blog, I’m not very technically minded so I am unsure how much, if any, of your data this gentleman has access to, if he can view or download photos etc.  When you login to your system you give permission  to be, “monitored and recorded by on-site system personnel.”  I am also unsure if this gentleman would have the ability to monitor and record you system use or if he is classed as “on site system personnel”.  These are questions I had hoped to ask Baby’s Days but they did not get back to me with a comment sadly.

I have asked Baby’s Days to comment on this information and they declined to do so.  As such this post is based on all information available at the time.  If new information comes to light, I will obviously update this post so that it remains as factual as the others on this blog.  There is of course the very small chance this man has a made up Linkedin and Facebook account and he doesn’t work for Baby’s Days at all.

14 thoughts on “Baby’s Days and The Ukraine!?”

  1. Ok, so BD says they are UK based as a positive thing, not like others and therefore BD must be better?
    But if they have someone providing support from another country they are doing the same – no big deal but why say otherwise?
    If they can’t be trusted to give out this bit of info, why do all the user’s of BD trust them with extremely sensitive data?
    As a parent I would not give my cm / nursery permission to use this system giving details of my family, dob, photos, address, phone numbers, health records etc

    1. The thing is, the systems they ‘claim’ to be trading/storing data outside of the UK, actually aren’t, they are UK based and they use UK data centres, if you ask them they will tell you about it, however, data centres (or reputable ones) are supposed to be secure units, most don’t plaster all over the internet where they are, what they do, and splash pictures of the inside and out for all to see, I would seriously worry if my data was stored inside a centre that showed (or allowed its customers) to openly show its security cameras, where they are and what sort of system operates the doors, may as well give people the key and allow them to let themselves in!

      I would also worry (or have second thoughts) about using any company who openly bad mouths competitors in the hope it directs customers to them. As a childminder, I have the ability to sell my business and my services without the need to put other minders down, its just a complete lack of self belief, and kind of tell you that they aren’t really all they are cracked up to be!

  2. I think if this person is directly employed by Baby’s Days he is still technically ‘in house’ as opposed to sub contracted via a third party agency/company.

    Has BD ever stated that they only employ people based in the UK or have they openly criticised other companies for using overseas staff?

    Your data is protected by the laws of the land in which the server lives – that would be the UK I presume -and his access to that data would, again I assume, relate to the type of job he does within the company and what he needs access to in terms of problem solving.

    1. All good points thanks Anon. This person is not the only person I’ve found, there are lots of others, and they all look like contractors. They haven’t said they only employ UK based staff, but they did say they don’t use contractors, and then they made out like using a contractor is bad and that competitors let “unknown individuals” work with them.

      I didn’t know that about the server laws, that;s good, so good to know my Data should be protected by DPA. But their T&Cs say that contractors can access confidential data and surely there is no law saying contractors can’t?

  3. OMG who cares where they employ their staff. I’m sure they only employ the best and if they need to outsource to other countries then so be it! Very common to employ people that live aboard. Think about all the companies you use. As for not mentioning it maybe they just haven’t updated that section of their website. I don’t think its anything to be secretive about. Simply been overlooked when employing this person (if they have). Doing this line of work there is no need to have all employees working in the same office which is why companies often have people working internationally for them.

    1. Then why backstab and call other companies for doing it then?? That’s the point that’s being made here but no-one seems to get it!

    2. It seems to me that Baby Days is very happy to put their competitors down for things that they are quite happy to do themselves. I do not understand their need to belittle their competitors while they are unable to take any criticism themselves.

    3. Hi Anon @14.55. Babysdays have used contractors from 2011, so it’s unlikely their website needs updating, they’ve had 3 years to put it right if that is the case.

      If it needs to be outsourced, so be it – agreed, but why not be honest and why run competitors that might do the same down?

    4. Having looked at the standard of code on the site, and seen the types of problems that arise purely because of poor coding, I can assure you that it would be a stretch of the imagination to say that they employ the best.

  4. Probably because he gets it ‘cheap’ from over there, cutting costs, but still no right to say its all ‘in house’ and then have the cheek to make it sound like competitors use ‘cheap’ over seas development. The truth always comes out in the end!

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