Baby’s Days and Contractors.

So last night, I blogged about a possible contractor used by Baby’s Days who lives in the Ukraine.

Kel Thomas has posted over in the Official Babys Days support group that it’s none of my business, “who they employ and it’s [also] none of our [meaning customers] business”.  A few other users go on to say that banks and electricity companies employ people all over the world.

 I thought I’d use this blog post to perhaps clarify some points.

  1. I don’t care if a contractor lives in a yacht off the coast of St Trpoez or in a mud hut in Yemen.  I do care that a company claims to only use in house developers when potentially they are not in house at all and are actually contracted.  This would be dishonest.
  2. Secondly and more importantly, I don’t care if Baby’s Days use contractors, as I said, it’s pretty standard.  But I do care if they put competitors down for using contractors when they are actually potentially doing the very same thing!  Is it a bad thing to use a contractor?  Not necessarily.  Is it bad to lie about your use of a contractor?  Of course it is!  This would be dishonest.

Do Baby’s Days Use Contractors?
Baby’s Days claim that they don’t “subcontract the development of their system to unknown individuals”. I have asked Baby’s Days how they explain the gentleman based in the Ukraine and also the countless other adverts placed on Freelance websites over the last 3 years including one for a logo redesign and another as recent as December 2014 for an IOS developer to develop an app.  They have declined to comment.

Is it any of your business who works for Baby’s Days?
Anyone who actually thinks it’s none of their business who a company potentially uses as a contractor obviously needs to think long and hard about making such claims.  As a childminder, I can’t let one person over my threshold without signing a visitors book (ok, it’s not a legal requirement, but you know what I mean), so why would it be ok to potentially share a load of information with a stranger a company may or may not have vetted?

As Baby’s Days deny their use of contractors they haven’t published parameters for how contractors will operate or what they can and can’t see/do, which is what most companies tend to do.  Their Terms and Conditions say, “Each party will ensure that any agents or subcontractors that are permitted to access any of the other’s Confidential Information are legally bound to comply with the obligations set forth herein.”

But what does that actually mean?  Can contractors access Confidential Information?  Would Photos fall under this?  Can contractors download photos?  Importantly what happens when the T&Cs change again, without customers knowing as happened in November?  What additional rights could possible contractors potentially be given?

These are the questions that pop into my head as an ex user and really they should be popping into everyone’s head that has used this service since it began.  Until Baby’s Days clarify this matter we really wont know all of the facts unfortunately and it’s quite frankly extremely arrogant to suggest customers have no right to know who may potentially have access to their data.

DISCLAIMER: Since Jan 1st 2015 the previously mentioned, “Official” support group endorsed by Baby’s Day was re-branded and no longer contains the word “official” and seemingly is no longer endorsed by Baby’s Days.  At the time of writing this blog post the details within were 100% accurate.

8 thoughts on “Baby’s Days and Contractors.”

  1. I believe the off line data base is amazing, and it is the persons to own and do what they like with, plus the customer service is amazing .:-) courteous, helpful, friendly…really everything Babysdays doesn’t appear to be. But sadly people need to own a PC (I believe ) to use the offline system, and people with Apple Macs cant use it. I don’t know for sure but thats what I’ve heard .

    1. They are looking into virtual PC for macs, think its being tested at the moment, and it can be used on some tablets. I don’t know how people operate using a tablet or phone all the time, I cant take my eyes off mine for a minute never mind to mess about on a tablet or phone whilst working, I do mine during quiet time using the data base and maybe a couple of mins in the evening if I have too. I’m totally up to date and in control, its that quick and easy to use, it does everything and if there is something you fancy adding, then it will be designed for you. Its perfect in every way, and the customer service is beyond amazing!

  2. What I would like to know is how Kel can be so sure that it has no impact, relevance or anything else who works as a developer ???? – I certainly don’t know that answer for sure and I am only a customer (apparently the same as her, with access to the same facebook group as her and I am sure if I were to phone BD’s to ask I would get a reassurance that it doesn’t matter because despite their failings I am sure they don’t REALLY want to lose fee paying customers……….so how does she know????)

  3. Our La told us not to put all our eggs in one basket; very unsafe especially with all the accounts being blocked recently. I dont care if the system does more, it could make a cup of tea and wash up for all I care, whats the point if you are policed within an inch of your life and cant be members of groups they dont like. The free ones are fantastic and the off line data base is by far superior and has the most amazing customer service. I think bds will become a thing of the past, just hope they take kel with them.

  4. Sorry, but reading Kels response, I still don’t believe she is not employed by Babysdays. She knows far too much about what goes on there for just an ordinary customer. I’m not quite sure why they are so secretive about everything that goes on.
    Such a shame, as the system is bloody fantastic and theres nothing else like it out there really. I know there are the free ones, but they aren’t as in depth as Babysdays, and the offline ones haven’t got the parent interaction of Babysdays. Maybe someone will develop an online system like Babysdays sometime with all that they offer. I think that may make Babysdays sit up and take note. They have the only online system like it at the moment ,so they can almost do what they like. The others ie Orbit, Tapestry, Toucan, Megaminders do some but not all of what Babysdays does . Babysdays has EVERYTHING ie contracts, EYFS, policies, accounts etc etc all in one package and is also extremely user friendly. I am surprised no one else has come up with anything very similar, I am sure they would make a killing.

  5. None of our business who they employ??!! Really?! So they make a big deal about customer data being “100% secure” but then don’t feel that those customers need to know who is employed to work on the system and how much of it they have access to. I can accept that contractors may be the best option for some work, but why give the impression that they don’t use them and that other companies are inferior because they do? That’s a blatant lie and it does make you wonder why they feel it necessary to not be honest about it.

  6. It doesn’t take much to get Kel in a pickle does it? I think she needs to get a hobby too. LOL. The only scaremongers are Baby’s Day and Kel.

  7. How worrying, they could be ‘sharing’ any of our information with any old Tom, Dick or Sergey, we all just take for granted that what they tell us is true, when in actual fact, it isn’t. And I’m sorry, but as for Kel Thomas, she seems to know an awful lot for ‘just a customer’, as a customer, how would she possibly know what sort of an impact it has.

    I love this blog, but the more I read the more frightening it becomes. Babys Days really do need to sit down and sort themselves out.

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