14 thoughts on “Am I “scaremongering” and do I have a “grudge” as claimed by Babysdays Official Support Group. No is the short answer.”

  1. Well done your blog is very well written and informative. I see BD messed with the wrong person. Good for you standing up for yourself.
    The so called support group is a joke and like many I question Kel’s connection to the system. Personally I feel she spends too much time on FB for her to have time to work as a childminder as well.

  2. There are some truly amazing systems out there, I personally wouldn’t want EVERYTHING in one basket (so to speak) its far to great a risk, and so much legally required paperwork in the hands of a power hungry individual, that could just pull the plug on a whim. We are professionals and as such are more than capable of running our businesses without their help.

    What you all have to remember is, YOU pay for a service and YOU expect that service to be provided, what happened to the customer is always right? I hear too many comments of ‘ its going to take me ages to get everything off, I may as well just put up with it’ or ‘ Im struggling but daren’t speak up incase someone sees and reports me and my account is closed’ Take control, and do what right for you, you owe them nothing!

    1. Thanks for the support childminder. Sadly I was one of those people you describe, just outting up with the bad customer service because it was easier. I didn’t realise there were so many competitors until I started this blog!

  3. well he’s lost another customer ………….not because of your blog – but the sheer fact that I have to resort to posting as Anon ……….I don’t feel I can ask them and get an honest answer based purely on the way I have been treated in the past and within Kel’s group ………and the fear I will lose my system before my ‘paid up to date’ – I have several bugs/issues ….stuff not working and I just feel I can’t report my issues based on my past issues being badly handled ……….yes that sounds silly but customer service is ‘dire’ I am reluctant to use the system to its full potential (which is a shame) as it is a good system but frightened I will lose the lot if I happen to ‘upset’ the management

    1. I feel exactly the same as you. I’d not long started using the system and was rolling out other sections but have come to a screaming halt. Not because of Hayley, but because of the shocking way this has all been handled. I expressed my concerns a month ago and as a result I was booted off the (not really) support group. I have had no official contact offering reassurance from the company or indeed to tell me that my T&c’s have changed.

      I was contacted by Hayley, to reassure me that I wasn’t to be afraid!!

      They COULD be the leading childcare software company, without a doubt because the system is incredible. But they’re going to be famous for their shockingly poor customer service instead.

      You could still turn this around Baby’s a Days. Grow up!!

  4. The only people that ever scaremonger or try to damage another companies business, are babys days, unfortunately karma usually bites back.

  5. I for one will be starting transition to a new software system in the New Year. It is costing a lot more money but for peace of mind it will be worth it. The only thing that the new system doesnt do that bd’s does is the planning side, but hey we can live with that. Its a shame that bd’s customer service isnt better at interacting with their customers. Its their fault that they may be losing customers not you Hayley. I’m sure a lot more feel like this but are worried they will lose their data so chose to remain silent or post as anon.

  6. Hayley, keep up the good work. I can’t believe you still haven’t been given back your data and they are still failing to see things from your point of view.

    Have been having a little chuckle this week about people on the official (but not official – oh I don’t know, it’s too confusing!) fb group mentioning this blog but then hurriedly saying ‘oh but don’t worry I definitely won’t read it’ and you-know-who gives them a virtual pat on the head and says ‘good, you mustn’t read it, it’s POISON’ ….

    I see you have plenty of page views though so clearly lots of people are interested. No-one is going to be brave enough to start asking the same (very pertinent) questions that you have asked, for fear of having their data confiscated, so very soon (if not already) I think other customers are going to be looking to spend their hard-earned money elsewhere – or indeed not spend any money and go with a free system.

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