20 thoughts on “My legal response to Baby’s Days.”

  1. I also meant to say that I am following with interest and will be very interested to see how this ends, hopefully in your favour x

  2. Thank you for the transparency. I would like to say that this is a fabulous response. I love the system and all it offers, but I have seen the response bds put on fb and commented on it too. This is extremely worrying that a company I trust with such important data and photos should deal with their issues in such an unprofessional manner. I am losing faith in the people running this company. I removed myself from the official bds group as I found both theirs and Kels responses to legitimate queries and questions to be dealt with in such an impolite and often rude manner

  3. I’d like to say well done for taking on this arrogant and belligerent organisation. From what I have heard hundreds, if not thousands of customers are ceasing their subscriptions to their service. If they are able to remove access to their service for no reason, even through we are continuing to pay, then this puts our own childminding businesses in significant jeopardy. Without any backup of the data elsewhere (because they say they are protecting it and backing it up for us) who knows what could happen if they suddenly cease access and we cannot access the data we require to remain compliant with the EYFS and Ofsted. I urge anybody with an account with this organisation to do as I have done and close their account.

  4. Would just like to thank you Hayley for your work trying to help others with this blog. It is professional, well rounded and explains your (and many many other BD users I’m sure including me) stance clearly and articulately. Shame on BD they are not handling this in the correct way at all. Very worrying considering the amount of personal data their system holds I would expect much much better. This debacle speaks volumes about their hidden views and beliefs about their customers. Thank you once again for doing the right thing :-)

  5. Very well done. I don’t know who you are but I’m incredibly proud of you. You’re experience of the companies (lack of) support is very similar to mine.I don’t know how you manage to keep your cool and speak so eloquently in what must be a painful, frustrating and time consuming situation.

    May I suggest that all of us who feel the same all start our own blog telling our truthful experiences too, he can’t sue us all can he? I wish you well.

  6. Yes well done you for talking (typing) a “load of bollocks”, for harassing hundreds of childminders on Facebook (including ME!) and their customers, you are a complete disgrace to the childminder community.

    1. Thanks for talking the time to send me a comment U R A Disgrace.

      If you had read the post, you would know what harassment meant and would know that I didn’t harass you or anyone else. But I am sorry if my message has caused you any upset. If you let me know your name I will be sure not to contact you again.

    2. You shouldn’t have contacted me in the first place, I know exactly what harassment is and you harassed me at 2:30am IN THE MORNING !!!!!!!!! Get a grip and get a life you SAD individual, you can’t seriously be a childminder!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Could you elaborate on that at all please? I’d like to know what exactly you find disgraceful about this lady attempting to warn people about her experience in a constructive and factual way. And also if and why you feel that what Baby’s Days have done is acceptable.

    4. Another brilliant well rounded response there URA Disgrace/Get a life. If you can’t come back to other commenter’s with logical well thought out arguments what’s the point in wasting your tie and effor. I will continue to publish your comments, but ask other commenters not to respond to the troll.

      I know your name and I will be adding you to the list of customers and associates that have libelled me in this process. If this does go to court, please expect to be summoned and your relationship with Baby’s Days scrutinised.

      Many Thanks.

    5. Don’t worry Hayley, the last blog this company didn’t agree with had a lot of comments on it like this, they were found to be from an employee of the company. Im not suggesting Anonymous up there is an employee, but the tone is remarkably similar.

    6. Well, if that IS an employee it would explain why this situation has arisen in the first place! The default answer seems to be attack, and abuse :( Very sad.
      Just like to say, well done Hayley. Your blog is brilliant, and compelling reading! It is professional and honest. Need I say more?

  7. may I say you have behaved in an incredible professional manner – I hope you receive a satisfactory response to your reply ……I have in the meantime spoken to 3 BD’s customers who are not likely to have seen these updates to inform them that it is in their interest to back up their data in case BD’s withdraw their service either through malice or loss of business

  8. Can I just say WELL DONE YOU! Its about time someone stood up to these people, your letter is just fabulous, very to the point, very professional and very confident. I hope you know, you are speaking out for a lot of other people, that haven’t had the guts to say a fraction of what you have said. Im sure you have so much support right now, and cant imagine how much stress you must be under, but have nothing but admiration for you.

    1. Thank you so much for the support Anon. You are not the only person thinking along these lines, I have many similar messages but sadly people are too worried in case they get found out.

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