Is Kel Thomas an employee of Baby’s Days?

This question has been sent to me a lot via personal messages on Facebook so I thought I would do a blog post to clear it up.

BabysDays have an “Official Support Group” on Facebook that is, “Run by Customers for Customers.”  Kel Thomas, is a childminder and user of Baby’s Days and she is also the admin of the support group. 

I used to be a member of the support group, and in all honesty I had no problem with how Kel managed things, she knew her stuff and she was very quick to help people out, I really appreciated being a member of the group and the support available there.  Sometimes there were people that didn’t like the way they were being spoken to, but I always appreciated (and commented) that as far as I was aware, Kel was doing this role voluntarily alongside her minding duties and that sometimes she would be asked the same question 30 times in a day.  I think if I were her, I would be a little abrupt sometimes too!

Anyway, I was a member of the group but I was removed, I am not sure who by and I am not sure why as I was not told; but as far as I know Kel is the only admin in the group.  I was removed from the support group around the time that I found a possible small bug connected to next steps on the system which is documented here.  I had been told by support that there was no problem with the area I had issues with, it was only my system affected, therefore it must be my error.

As so many people on the support group use the system, I posted and asked them to do what I was doing and see if they had the same issues.  My posts were removed from the support group, I do not know why and I do not know who by as I was not told, but a few people had the same problem as me when they did exactly the same thing I was doing.  Shortly after this, I was removed from the group.

Strangely, my co-minder was also removed from the support group – I say strangely because as far as we are aware Kel did not know we were co-minders and also my co-minder made only 2 comments during her use of the group.  I hadn’t broken any “rules” in the group, so wondered if I was removed because I was having an issue with support.  I wondered how Kel Thomas knew about these issues and also about my co-minder, so I naturally asked myself, like many others have, “does Kel Thomas work for Baby’s Days?”

We contacted support for clarification and here is what happened:

Obviously, I found this response very confusing and not very transparent so I posted on a Facebook group and asked the same question:

 About an hour after posting on Facebook we received the following email from support:

It’s a shame Baby’s Days didn’y say that right from the start to avoid confusion.  Maybe this is why so many people are confused about the role Kel has with the company?  But as they clarify here, she does not work for them.

17 thoughts on “Is Kel Thomas an employee of Baby’s Days?”

  1. Hayley, The support group is run by customers for customers as you have verified. The support group helps users of the system and it is NOT run by babysdays. If someone posts a ‘non babysdays’ post or continues to post negative comments then it is at the administrators discretion to remove the poster & posts. The Facebook group is run as a support for users of the system and as such should not be ‘hauled’ into this argument. If you are going to do this then I suggest you also bring in all the other ‘babysdays’ support groups to make this a ‘level’ playing field!

    1. Jules, I agree with you that it is down to the moderator of any group to run it how they see fit. That is why when I was removed from the group I just took it on the chin. I didn’t post any unrelated posts in the group nor did I didn’t post negative comments. I believe I was removed for publicly encouraging other users to test for a possible bug. This is when I was removed. If support had helped me I wouldn’t have needed to ask for help in the support group.

      The problem is that Baby’s Days recommend the group run byKel and it is “the only official” group – Baby’s Days send their customers there to show them how good the system is, but these customers are only being shown one side of it. If it wasn’t an official group and Baby’s Days didn’t advertise it then it would be a different kettle of fish.

      I’ve already said Kel does a great job in supporting the customers in the group and this is not a personal issue for me.

      I am more than happy to post about other groups in here that are Official Support Pages that Baby’s Days advertise. But I think the one run by Kel is the only one? Anything that isn’t an Official Support Group, isn’t officially connected to Baby’s Days and as such has no place on this blog.

  2. They cant say anything can they Dian, they will get their acvounts closed down as per the terms and conditions, or havent you rwad them yet?

  3. I agree with Jules. Now you have established that Kel, as she has said all along, is not an employee of Babys Days, her name should not be used in this blog.

    As for all the posters hiding behind the ‘Anonymous’ tag … cowards.

    1. Dian, tanks for getting in touch, I imagine that the people posting behind Anon have done so because they have read the new T&Cs and know that by commenting negatively on this blog they are breaching the T&Cs and as such Baby’s Days could terminate their account as they did with me.

      In fact both you and Jules are breaching the T&Cs by posting here, but as you are posting positively on Baby’s Days behalf I do not think you will have any concerns.

      I will address your point about Kel in the comment above to Jules, if that is ok.

    2. I take great offence to being called a coward. I am the 3rd poster on here. I used anon because if u didn’t I risked my system being taken from me for having an opinion based on the way I myself have been treated on fb by the named person via the support group.

      I am very pleased for you and your right to free speech Dian. You are lucky because you are one of those who do not have their posts / questions / reviews censored.

      Open your eyes and look at the real picture. Look at sites like trip advisor ect… people post good as well as bad about all manner of things, and they are not treated like this. The change in t&c was the final straw for me and many others.

      The blogger here us not alone in this, far from it.

    3. Thanks for speaking out Anon, I have a lot of messages on FB where people are so worried that BDs will know they have posted, but I assure you they don’t know who you are. Thanks again.

    4. People hide behind Anon because they know they will get a rude response and be blocked from the facebook page and their account info. Maybe Babysdays will learn from this not to be so rude, dismissive and arrogant.

  4. I can understand why Kel Thomas can get embroiled within this argument……she has deleted people who has even had a slight negative with Babys days………I am a BD’s customer and I was deleted because I couldn’t get a helpful response for a non IT parent ………..

    1. Hi Jules, I understand your point of view on this but I do think it is important that readers of this blog understand how heavily censored the support group is and how you can be removed from the support group when you have done nothing wrong other than air an accurate and marginally negative opinion of Baby’s Days.

      If Kel is concerned about her reputation she should think about the type of business practices that she supports and maybe both you and her should direct your concern to Baby’s Days themselves. After all, if they had not treated me like this, there would be no blog and no post about your friend.

      I could change it so that it just says Kel if you would like?

  5. This is a question I have always wondered myself. I have had issues with her in the past with regard to the support group that j was banned from for no reason. An employee or not she is very good at censoring the posts on there so that new and potential customers get a very biased and rosy view of the sum stem and how it is run

  6. If have always found them to be fine with my requests. My friend is a lawyer and he told me that what u are doing is incitement and another long word, I cannot remember.

    1. Hi Anon, thanks for you comment. I’m glad to hear that you have never had a problem with them, I have been with them for 3.5 years and it’s only really the last 6 months I have had a problem. I do not expect users of Babys Days to suddenly leave them or anything along those lines.

      I am merely making customers aware of the way they have treated me. Just remember to back up your system so if you do ever find yourself in my position you will not be as badly hit. Have fun with the system it really is quite clever.

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