16 thoughts on “Has anyone else been blocked from Babys Days Like Page or Official Support Group?”

  1. I was also banned from Kel’s page when they were moving over to the website page. I couldn’t get on with it and others on the page were commenting about liking the facebook page and so I attached a link to another babysdays support page that was being set up. I never even got a reply, I was just banned and blocked in one go. I couldn’t understand how and what had happened to begin with. I was disappointed as I was only giving others a suggestion. I used to love the facebook page that Kel ran and was on it daily for and giving advice, so I felt really let down. I did carry on to support the other facebook page but I have since left that now as it deviated to much from babysdays for me.

  2. Also banned from official support page for having a problem with my system and asking a question about it. Blocked by the admin, and unable to sort out my issue. Brilliant customer service on the “official group”. It’s a joke.

    1. Thankyou for the offer but I’ve stopped using the system. I did about 6 months a ago, I don’t want my business connected to a company that acts the way baby’s days do, and am happy to be back to paper for now.

  3. I have noticed, that if a post that could be deemed remotely negative ( most aren’t, they are just asking a question) it is removed, and replaced by several OTT compliments, now this could be a coincidence, but it has been noticed by a few people, so not just me.

  4. This is pathetic, if a person owns a Facebook page they can block who they see fit. So stop playing the wounded child…WOE is ME.

    1. I have to say yes as a facebook owner you can block who you like …however we must also put into perspective the people who are being blocked ……….this is the “official” babys days SUPPORT group (support to me means to help with problems…..) yet many problems are swept under the carpet and the person posting deleted …..that is not helpful …….

    2. If a business owns a facebook page/endorses a page related to that business, you have to wonder why legitimate questions or concerns are simply removed instead of addressed and resolved. You’d think they would want to show potential customers (and existing ones for that matter) that they take feedback seriously and offer high quality support. Deleting the problems don’t make them go away, it just creates more problems!

  5. I was banned from kels group after contradicting another post, they claimed you had been rude about kel,I mearly stated the fact that it was about the lack of transparency from BD themselves and wasn’t personal. She then admitted she hasn’t even read the whole post,to which I said don’t add fuel to a fire that doesn’t need to exsist. And wouldn’t you know it I’m now banned.(this pre dates your system being revoked) Further to this I can no longer “like” nor “comment” on any BD posts on their page. When I questioned them I was told I “wasn’t banned” so I asked if they had restricted my access, they said no and blamed Facebook. Yet I can comment and like every other Facebook group or post that comes into my news feed.
    This is blatent censoring. If they had nothing to hide they wouldn’t have a reason to be concerned…
    Have you ever wondered why there is only praise on their page? Everything else is simply deleted as the truth obviously hurts.
    I had no reason to be excluded from either site. Kel will not answer why she removed me,her response to my question was to block me and BD claim to have no say in what she does and will not investigate,so they block me. A paying customer,who up until last week had no reason to even contact them….

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