My Second legal response to Baby’s Days

Last night, at around 6.30pm, I had another email from Baby’s Days solicitors.  At the time I was getting ready to go out to celebrate a friends birthday, but the email was marked Urgent and ask that I reply by 8pm, giving me a 90 minute window of reply.  I managed to cobble something together quickly on my phone.In response to the letter I wrote them and which I blogged here, this second letter is also marked confidential so I can not publish it here.  The way in which I wrote the response basically means I am unsure if I can republish it here, and as my solicitor doesn’t work on Saturday, I will not publish my response until I have clarified if I am able to do so.

But the current situation is that there may be a resolution in site.  This blog was started with the aim of getting my system and my data back.  I will remove the blog, as I’ve said from the start, as soon as I have the system and data back.

But I also have to be sure, before I remove the blog, that any potential libellous comments about me have been removed from groups Baby’s Days are associated with and also that supporters of this blog who have spoken out publicly about my treatment do not get their accounts terminated.

Hopefully we will be able to find an amicable resolution suitable to both parties soon.  As a gesture of goodwill, I will not be updating the blog until Monday at 2pm.  If we have not resolved our issues by then I will be blogging about Baby’s Days claims that they have/will be training Ofsted inspectors on using the system.

Thank you so much to everyone for the continued and ongoing support, it means a lot.

What type of support does Baby’s Days offer?

Having been a subscriber to the Baby’s Days service for 3.5 years, you can imagine there have been a few different times that I have needed to contact support.  Sometimes this has been because I am doing something wrong and other times because the system doesn’t seem to be working as I would expect.  The response you get from support will depend on what type of problem you have so I will look at them both below.  One thing I will say for Baby’s Days support is that they do reply very promptly, even during evening and weekends.

The type of problem that is caused by misunderstanding of how the system works.

Sometimes, when I’m doing something on the system I encouter a problem.  I obviously email support and when the problem falls into this category we have a very pleasent and usually very helpful exachnge.

Let me give you an example.  I had a problem with my Homepage, it was formatting in a very odd manner and wouldn’t save.  After trying for about an hour I couldn’t see why this would be the case, so I contacted support.

They were very helpful, and informed me, you can’t paste pictures into the home page they have to be uploaded. They fixed it for me and my Homepage was perfect.  TaDa problem solved, and it only took about 1 hour in total.

This is the sort of customer service I expect from a company and to be fair to Baby’s Days when ever I have an issue like this they always resolve it quickly.

The type of problem that is caused by the system acting in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Their approach to these types of problems I call the “LaLaLa” response.  These types of responses seem to be designed to deflect from the problem the system may be having.  Support may advise you to reset you router, turn off your laptop, reinstall your browser, update flash or even delete and reinstall it.

The possibilities are endless and they will suggest them all, even if you are having the issue on multiple devices, with different operating systems and different browsers, which is obviously extremely frustrating.  What they absolutely will NOT consider in these cases is that there MAY be a problem their end.  This is very well documented here in my blog post, about a possible small bug I may have found in the next step section.  Current system users may also have noticed this approach with the new control centre which was not saving the new layout set by minders; it took a good while for Baby’s Days to establish this was their end after many abrupt replies along the lines of, it works fine for us, or, all systems are identical… (which obviously they aren’t because currently some customers have the control centre upgrade and others don’t!) …you are the only person with this problem.

It is in these situations that I have experienced very negative customer support.  When you have followed all their trouble shooting suggestions and you have still not managed to fix the problem there is nothing more they will do.  The most often heard phrase is along the lines of, it’s working perfectly for me, it must be a problem your end.  They will still say this even when multiple users on different devices on different internet connections have the exact same problem.  GAH!  So so frustrating!  A distinct lack of  support  I’d say.

Here is an email exchange I have had with support which hopefully explain this to anyone that is still confused.

So which is it?  A problem that at least 6 other users have reported that they don’t yet have time to fix (which would be understandable, just say if that is the case) or is it something they have never heard of before working perfectly their end?

Which type of customer service have you received? Please let me know in the comments below.

Have Baby’s Days been in touch regarding the blog?

Yes they have!

Last night at 10pm I received my first communication from Baby’s Days (via their solicitor) regarding the blog, this is after the blog being live for 6 days.  You can obviously hazard a guess as to the letters contents, sadly I can’t republish them here as they are marked confidential, if I were to do so, I would be in breach of copyright.

What I can say is that obviously Baby’s Days are extremely unhappy about the blog and they want me to take it down.  I can’t publish their solicitors letters, but I can publish my response so please check back later this evening around 7pm if you would like to stay updated about this companies behaviour.

Don’t forget, you can always sign up for notifications using the email bat at the top of the page!

iPhone users experiencing difficulties commenting? Read this!

Around 50% of the readers of this blog use an iPhone.  I’ve had a few messages this evening to say that they are experiencing issues with leaving comments in the comments section.

I’m literally weak writing this (current users of Baby’s Days will understand why) but it seems like it’s an apple/blogger compatibility issue.  Have a read on google for more info.

Anyway, even though I am not a computer genius, I think I may have found a way to fix it!  Write your comment, hit preview, then when the preview is displayed hit publish and it should work.  I have to moderate all posts to ensure that none are libel (I couldn’t publish 11 tonight as they were a little hostile – we have to play nice I’m afraid guys) so they wont show instantly.

Bit I will approve them as soon as I can.  So get commenting folks!